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TheMeasure: Huawei Flagship P20 Pro Smartphone

Mobile giant, Huawei, has launched the P20 series of smartphones with the P20 Pro coming in as the flagship model. Co-engineered with the imaging authority that is Leica, the triple camera, shooting 20MP monochrome coupled with a 40MP RGB [colour] wide-angle camera and an 8MP telephoto!

All in, that’s a whopping 68 Megapixels, but cleverly utilising Huawei’s native Light Fusion Tech, which combines data captured from the three sensors, the P20 Pro gives finished 10MP results.

This is, of course, all very impressive on paper, so having been invited to attend the launch event in Paris on the 27th March [2018], we skipped back to the UK, Huawei P20 Pro in hand, to review Huawei’s new smartphone in #TheMeasure. Watch our first short intro video below, which will walk you through some of the features. We will update this piece with more side by side test shots and further information.

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