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Sony Xperia 5: Bringing Hollywood to the Smartphone?

Luke Gardner - 10 months ago

For many years we have seen mobile companies push the capabilities of smartphone photography and videography to their outermost limits and almost entirely killing all need for compact cameras in the process. Sony’s Xperia 5, the brand’s mid-level model smartphone in their current line up, promises to push new boundaries in video. Borrowing many features from their excellent mirrorless camera range and motion picture products, the Xperia 5 just might deliver results that we’ve not seen before.

Sony Xperia 5: Features in a nutshell

  • 12-megapixel16mm f1.6 
  • 12-megapixel 26mm f2.4
  • 12-megapixel 52mm f2.4
  • 21:9 CinemaWide FHD+ HDR OLED display
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 mobile platform
  • 3140 mAh (rookie numbers) 4000mAh should’ve been the target
  • Cinema Pro Movie Application

Moving the phone onto its side, you’ll notice there’s a button on the bottom edge of the phone and that’s specifically for use with the device’s native camera apps. Banished are the days of using the Xperia’s volume button to shoot and with this simple addition, Sony just fixed an aged and very irritating problem – the ‘awkward claw’. Not a yoga move worth trying as it can make it difficult to hold a phone and take a picture simultaneously.


With regards to video capability, not only has Sony taken mobile videography to the next level, but they’ve also crammed some of the wonderous properties, which are generally reserved for Hollywood-level video cameras. We’re talking built-in custom focus pulling, shutter angles, optional LUT’s [colour grades] as well as meticulous ISO and white balance control. The icing on the cake, though, is no image stabilisation. Woo-wait! What?

You see, not only did Sony offer so numerous video luxuries in this smartphone, [A smartphone that most of us couldn’t afford] but they also went further and gave us the full experience of having a movie camera by giving us one of their better-known flaws, no image stabilisation. Our advice; if you want it, be sure to buy a gimbal or learn how to fix your inevitable camera shake in post-production, [see video below]. On a consumer-level, we feel that this is where the Xperia 5 might’ve just shot itself in the foot.

Nonetheless, the Sony Xperia 5 is a remarkable camera and with a software update or two, we can see the various video features being a very popular addition to Sony’s Xperia smartphones. It won’t be for everyone but for those wanting to get into semi-serious filmmaking with their mobile device, this could be the smartphone you’ve been looking for.

To hear more about the Xperia 5’s capabilities check out the video below and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more. 


PhotoBite Sony Xperia 5 review -
Sony Xperia 5:- Sony really gives users a chance to get a taste of Hollywood film production in their pocket. With a bit of a tweak, it'll be hard for any name brand to compete on this mountain.


  • Fantastic features for filmmakers
  • Very well balanced cameras
  • Strong battery given its size


  • Lack of image stabilisation

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Read Sony Xperia 5: Bringing Hollywood to the Smartphone?

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