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In Conversation: Anson Zhang, UK Managing Director, Huawei

- 5 years ago

As the spectacle that was the London Lights, a man-made version of the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights comes to a close, we chat with organisers, Huawei, about why they commissioned immersive artist Dan Acher for the project. This, and more from Anson Zhang, UK Managing Director of Huawei, in our latest Q&A below.

Anson Zhang
Anson Zhang, UK Managing Director, Huawei.

Simon Skinner: Hi Anson, can you please give us some idea of just what the launch of the P 30 series means to Huawei?

Anson Zhang: Hi Simon, sure. Well, the P30 is the new generation of the P-Series, which we bring to market each year during springtime.
The devices are targeted at the creative user and, as such, we pay particular attention to developments and innovations in our camera technology. Predominantly, these new models have introduced 50x zoom and exceptional performance in low light. With the introduction of three new colours and continued progress in imaging capability, we hope to continue to grow the interest of the P-Series.

Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei’s new flagship device, the Huawei P30 Pro.

SS: How significant is the partnership with Leica to your development in imaging capability?

AZ: We have been in partnership with Leica since the development of the P8. Leica has a dedicated R&D team based in China, working on innovations for the camera system. The P30 Pro is a testament to their continued work and the excellent results we’re seeing with the P-Series in 2019 shows just what is possible from the partnership.

SS: It’s been reported that people are upgrading their handsets less frequently, how has the P30 Series been received in terms of pre-orders?

AZ: Pretty well. We’ve seen a greater number of pre-orders than we did last year with the P20 Series. Once the devices are released for general sale, we expect the numbers to go up again.

SS: Maybe you can tell us a little bit about the London Lights project?

AZ: Sure. The colour combination of the new devices in the P-Series come from the Northern Lights. i.e. Breathing Crystal, Amber Sunrise, Interstellar and Midnight Blue, Those who have tried, myself included, will know is not easy to see the [actual] Northern Lights and so we have re-created the natural phenomenon here in London for people to see for themselves, using new technology. This project reflects everything about the P30 Series, in the sense of the incredible new colours, the technology involved and the fact that the devices are desirable as fashionable items, too.

“I do believe that mobile devices will continue to eat away at the traditional camera market. Personally, I think this will be an ongoing trend. One reason is that the devices are very easy to carry and also, the imaging quality continues to improve year after year.” – Anson Zhang, Managing Director, Consumer Business Group, Huawei UK

Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei’s London Lights evenmt in full swing.

SS: What are your thoughts on mobile use is in terms of photography and videography and do you think that mobile devices will continue to eat away the traditional camera market.

AZ: I do believe so. Personally, I think this will be an ongoing trend. One reason is that the devices are very easy to carry and also, the imaging quality continues to improve year after year.

SS: How far can we expect to see the partnership with Leica extend.

AZ: I don’t know, to be honest, but I don’t see any reason why our successful cooperation should have any reason to slow down anytime soon.

Find out more about the new P30 Series from Huawei at their website.

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Read In Conversation: Anson Zhang, UK Managing Director, Huawei

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