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Sony α9 firmware upgrade Allows for simultaneous FTP transfer & continuous shooting

Luke Gardner - 12 months ago

Sony has announced a firmware update for its full-frame, mirrorless camera, the Sony α9, which improves FTP file transfer function, allowing users to keep shooting for longer and with confidence.

sony a9

The update will allow photographers to transfer images to a dedicated FTP server during both record and playback processes. The update has been a direct implementation that’s been designed after feedback from existing α9 users. One specific application [that many users will be very happy about], is the ability for professional photographers to share their shots with news desks immediately.

Sony A9

The Version 4.00 update allows users to tailor images before sharing, which can then be shared as a single shot, a batch of all protected images, or all non-transferred images. These filters can be applied on camera to guarantee that selection is as simple as possible. A custom key can be assigned to transfer the image being played back or all images can be sent automatically while recording. Additionally, the user can select which file formats they wish to share – RAW / JPEG / RAW + JPEG. 

There will also be an increases of the number of FTP servers that a user can be registered with from three to nine. Moreover, the user can configure the folder layout on a chosen FTP target server to their own specifications and save image data in any folder that they choose. It is also possible to send images from a named media slot to a specified file location or have the FTP server configuration the same as the camera.

The Version 4.00 firmware upgrade is available now and downloadable for free on the Sony Support site.

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Read Sony α9 firmware upgrade Allows for simultaneous FTP transfer & continuous shooting

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