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Rotolight Unveils the NEO 2 Explorer Kit

- 6 years ago

The new NEO 2 Explorer Kit from Rotolight has been produced as a lightweight three-light kit for photographers and filmmakers on the go

Weighing just 6.8kg the kit is designed as a complete compact lighting solution, which even includes light stands, colour FX filters and power supplies.

As covered previously here at PhotoBite, the NEO 2 is an all-in-one High-Speed Sync [HSS] flash and continuous on-camera LED lighting solution, which boasts zero recycle time, making it a great choice for modern high-frame-rate-capable cameras.

The NEO 2 has revolutionised how people use light. It can be used as both a modelling light and flash, and has eliminated the need for an external flash. If you have those moments that you just cannot afford to miss, this is an incredible light for you. You’ll never miss a shot.

Rotolight Unveils the NEO 2 Explorer Kit

Ideal for all image-makers who often work on location, the NEO 2 gives the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of using continuous light, and the flexibility of HSS flash [1/8000th sec] with 500% flash output, whenever users need more power or to freeze action. HSS also enables users to shoot with wider apertures to create beautiful separation between subject and backgrounds.

The light is perfect for use on cameras like the Sony A6500 that work at 11 frames per second. It fires every single time and there is genuinely no recycle time, no light loss, no power loss. That is just a game-changer, there is no other light in the world that can do that.

Rotolight Unveils the NEO 2 Explorer Kit

Packed with innovative features for video users, NEO 2 is also ideal for interviews and filmmaking. It includes an updated suite of CineSFX™ effects, Rotolight’s award-winning feature set for filmmakers (fire, lightning, TV, gunshot, paparazzi and others), as well as Designer FadeTM mode for custom in-camera fade FX.

The Rotolight NEO 2 Explorer Kit is available now for £1199.90. For more information visit Rotolightwhere you can also buy the kit.

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