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Nikon Announces firmware Update including Eye-Detection AF, & extended low-light AF for Z 6 & Z 7 Cameras

- 5 years ago

Nikon has released details of its new firmware, [version 2.0] that promises to enhance the performance of the Nikon Z 7 and Nikon Z 6 full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Main functions included in the upgrade:

  • Eye-Detection autofocus [AF] in stills mode
  • Extension of the low-light AF detection range
  • Addition of auto-exposure [AE] tracking capability to continuous high-speed [extended] mode
Nikon Z 6
Nikon Z 6

Firmware version 2.0 primary features

1. Eye-Detection autofocus [AF] in stills mode

The new Eye-Detection AF function automatically identifies and centres on human eyes in the auto-area AF [AF-S, AF-C] mode.
When eyes of multiple people are detected, the multi-selector or sub-selector can be used to select which eye the camera focuses on, even when looking through the Electric View Finder [EVF]. Once the image is taken, the user can quickly verify that the image is in focus by pressing the ‘OK’ button to zoom in on the eye that was the intended focus target.

Nikon Firmware Update
Sample image of Eye-Detection AF at work.

2. Extended low-light AF detection range

Version 2.0 firmware allows for faster autofocus when recording in dark or dimly lit scenarios, with both stills and video capture. It extends the AF detection range from −1 EV to −2 EV on the Z 7, and from −2 EV to −3.5 EV on the Z 6. When the Z 6’s low-light AF function is enabled, the available low-light AF detection range is extended from −4 EV to −6 EV, so it will be able to autofocus with even darker conditions.

3. Auto-exposure [AE] tracking in continuous high-speed [extended] mode

Previously, exposure was locked with the first shot in a burst of high-speed continuous shooting. Firmware version 2.0 adds support for AE tracking in continuous high-speed [extended] mode, enabling the cameras to track exposure just as it does focus [AF tracking]. This assures that all images captured with a burst of high-speed continuous shooting are not only in focus, but also show optimal exposure, even when the brightness of the scene changes during the burst.

Nikon’s Z 6 in review with PhotoBite.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to download the update, which is completely free of charge, from Nikon’s Download Centre.

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Read Nikon Announces firmware Update including Eye-Detection AF, & extended low-light AF for Z 6 & Z 7 Cameras

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