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Nick Hannes Announced as ZEISS Photography Award 2018 Winner

- 6 years ago

Belgian photographer Nick Hannes’ photography series, Garden of Delight, has been unveiled today as the winner of the 2018 ZEISS Photography AwardNow in its third year, the ZEISS Photography Award has proved itself as a hugely popular collaboration between the World Photography Organisation [originators of the most excellent Sony World Photography Awards and PHOTOFAIRS] and ZEISS.  The award challenges photographers worldwide to submit a body of work addressing a selected theme with this year’s theme being “Seeing Beyond – Untold Stories“.

Shot over the duration of five trips between 2016 & 17, Hannes’ successful series explores leisure and consumerism in Dubai.

Each photograph was planned meticulously, with locations ranging from a prototype underwater holiday villa to a subzero bar in a Dubai shopping mall. Within the work, Nick explores ideas around globalisation and capitalism, raising questions about authenticity and sustainability.

The rapid transformation of Dubai from a regional trade centre in the 1960s to the ultra-modern metropolis today is a fascinating case study. Dubai’s excessive entertainment industry has a big impact on Emirati society. The traditional islamic values are challenged by an imported Western lifestyle. Dubai is a clear example of the phenomenon of ‘capsularisation’: Our globalized world is transforming into a dual society, characterised by separation and exclusion. The first world is an archipelago of shielded islands or ‘capsules’ where it’s pleasant to live; the second world is all the rest: an ocean of poverty and chaos. In a capsular society, public space becomes privatized; capsular architecture, such as gated communities and malls, simulates public space on private ground.

Jury member Chris Hudson, Art Director, National Geographic Traveller [UK], told PhotoBite: “The winning series stood out because each image captures a real moment and tells a story of its own. And yet they knit together so well to give an overall sense of what life might be like for locals in the metropolis that is Dubai.”

Speaking about his success, Hannes told PhotoBite: “I am very honoured and grateful to receive this award. ‘Garden of Delight’ is a self-initiated and self-funded project.  I am glad I persevered. This recognition proves that it was worth to keep going and dig deep into my subject.”

Shortlisted photographers

The 2018 ZEISS Photography Award judges also recognised nine further series of works and shortlisted the following photographers:

  • Toby Binder, German, for the series ‘Themmuns: Youth in Northern Ireland’
  • Sarah Blesener, American, for the series ‘Beckon Us From Home’
  • Snezhana von Buedingen, Russian, for the series ‘Permer Frost’
  • Stephanie Gengotti, Italian, for the series ‘Circus love, Les Pêcheurs de Rêves’
  • Tadas Kazakevicius, Lithuanian, for the series ‘Soon to be Gone’
  • Mark Leaver, British, for the series ‘TIGHT’
  • Gowun Lee, South Korean, for the series ‘I’m Here with You’
  • Stefano Morelli, Italian, for the series ‘Suspension’
  • Kicia Randagia, Polish, for the series ‘Scelte’

The work of all shortlisted photographers and Nick Hannes will be exhibited at Somerset House, London as part of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition from April 20 – May 6, 2018.

As the winner of the ZEISS Photography Award, Hannes receives €12,000 worth of ZEISS lenses and €3,000 to cover travel costs for a photography project.  The photographer also has the opportunity to personally work with ZEISS and the World Photography Organisation.

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