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MTF Services Announce World’s First Lens Adapters for Canon EOS R Mount

- 6 years ago

Hot on the heels of their unveiling of the worlds first  adapters for the new Nikon Z-Mount, MTF Services has announced another world-first with the very first, third-party adapters for Canon’s new full-frame mirrorless camera system, the EOS R

Made almost exclusively for serious users and with a strong leaning towards those looking to adopt the new Canon EOS R for filmmaking and those with a collection of glass from manufacturers other than Canon, these new adapters come in at the top end of the market.

Whilst they may carry a fairly hefty price tag, it’s worth bearing in mind what they mean in terms of opening up shooting opportunities and, after all, if you are a filmmaker, shooting with a 30K Cooke Optics lens (for example), a few hundred on a well-built, reliable adapter, shouldn’t present the need for a second thought.

If the Nikon Z Mount adapter from MTF is anything to go by, we expect to see these new Canon EOS R Mount adapters coming in at around £350 + Vat.

MTF bring the very first adapters for the Canon EOS R Mirrorless Full Frame camera mount to market

MTF’s line up of Canon R-Mount adapters includes the following:

  • PL to R Mount
  • Panavision to R Mount
  • ARRI Bayonet to R Mount
  • Canon FD to R Mount
  • Nikon G to R Mount
  • B4 to R Mount [providing S35 mode on the camera]
A selection of MTF’s new lens adapters for the Canon EOS R mount

Mike Tapa, Managing Director at MTF Services said:
 “Ever since the recent announcements from both Nikon and Canon of their exciting new Z-Series and EOS-R full-frame camera systems, we have been working tirelessly to produce a range of adapters to open up the potential for filmmakers. We believe that these two leading brands have delivered a genuinely interesting proposition with these new mirrorless systems and have designed the products to deliver great results for those working in all areas of filmmaking. Our new premium mounts, as ever, will only serve to push the boundaries by creating access to historic and non-proprietary ranges of glass.”

People looking to purchase these new adapters from MTF can expect them to be manufactured from HE30 aluminium throughout the main body, [black anodized] with a stainless steel seating face, pre-shimmed for accuracy and with spare shims included.

Pricing to be announced shortly. Keep an eye here for updates and also MTF’s website.

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