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Get Closer with Canon’s new PowerShot SX740 HS 40x SuperZoom Compact Camera

- 6 years ago

Canon has announced the arrival of a brand new superzoom compact camera; the PowerShot SX740 HS as one of the most compact travel zoom cameras to offer 40x optical zoom

This new compact camera from Canon has arrived just in time for the holiday season and will allow travellers to get closer shots without the necessity of carrying various lenses in their bag.

The new pocket-sized travel camera is also capable of shooting 4K video, is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® enabled for mobile device connectivity, and boasts a host of instinctive automatic settings to make shooting on the move, simpler for anyone who simply wants to point and shoot.


This new superzoom camera highlights ‘ZoomPlus’ technology, which can [digitally] increase the native 40x optical zoom capability, to a jaw-dropping 80x. It also hosts Canon’s most up to date DIGIC 8 processor and 20.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor, which will make it a great choice for those wanting to create bright, colourful and sharp pictures and video footage from practically any range.

4K Video

The new PowerShot SX740 HS lands packing a serious 4K video punch, along with 5-axis stabilisation for super-steady shots on the move. The camera can capture 4K Ultra High Definition time-lapse footage, perfect for shooting sunsets, for example, and the native ability to capture 4K frame grabs from the 4K movie, means that stills can be taken at around 8MP from the video footage.

Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility

The new camera promises to blend easily with regular smart devices, utilising the [free] Canon Camera Connect app for compatible iOS and Android devices. Photos and videos can be transferred directly and automatically from the camera for posting on social media along with the ability to save your content on Canon’s Irista cloud storage platform or synced automatically and wirelessly to PCs and Macs.

The PowerShot SX740 HS uses Wi-Fi and always-on Bluetooth® connectivity, meaning it will maintain a connection to paired devices, tagging photos with GPS location data in order to map your travels, adding another dimension to your story.

Key benefits:

  • 40x optical zoom in a pocket-sized, compact camera
  • 4K Ultra High Definition video
  • Intelligent features and functions
  • Simple connectivity for instant social sharing

What’s in the box:

  • PowerShot SX740 HS [Black or silver]
  • Wrist strap WS-800
  • Battery Pack NB-13L
  • Battery charger CB-2LHE
  • AC Cable
  • User Manual Kit

Pricing and availability

The new Canon PowerShot SX740 HS is on sale now and comes with an RRP of £349.99

You can pre-order yours HERE

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Read Get Closer with Canon’s new PowerShot SX740 HS 40x SuperZoom Compact Camera

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