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Hands-on with the Canon EOS R: A Film Maker’s Review

Josh Lewis - 10 months ago

Following on from our hands-on photographer’s view of the Canon EOS R in part 1, as promised, here’s part 2 of the PhotoBite hands-on review of Canon’s new full-frame mirrorless camera system produced from the videographer’s perspective.

The Canon EOS R is the brand’s first serious full-frame mirrorless camera.  True to their name, Canon have shot into the full frame mirrorless market without holding much back. Taking many features from Canon 5D Mark IV, they have worked hard to show you can enjoy DSLR-like features in a mirrorless system.

Offering users an impressive set of functions and features, including Canon’s own Dual Autofocus, touch + drag AF, silent shooting, 4K video at a 1.7x crop, USB C Connection, [for direct charging] and a range of mount adaptors that allow users to link their EF lenses to Canon’s new RF system. 

Watch part 2 here, where our video expert, Josh Lewis, walks through the Canon EOS R from a film maker’s perspective. 

About the author

Read Hands-on with the Canon EOS R: A Film Maker’s Review

Josh Lewis

Josh has been working as a filmmaker for a number of years, now, managing to convert his passion into a profession in 2015. Used to working as a solo shooter, Josh has become accustomed to working with ‘run & gun’ set ups and has become an expert in filmmaking equipment through his experience of working on hundreds of projects in varying capacities. This experience, coupled with Josh’s curious mind and ability to deliver casual-yet-knowledgeable opinion, makes him the perfect for his role within PhotoBite.

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