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Video: Legacy – A Short Film Shot on DJI’s Ronin 2

Remember that moment when everything changed? That instant when image making took a turn for the better, that caught everyone by surprise?

When DJI announced the Ronin 2, their handheld, 3-axis camera gimbal, earlier this year, filmmaking, and cinematography in general, was never going to be the same. The essence of this creation by the world’s leading drone manufacturer, wasn’t dissimilar to that of Garrett Brown and his invention of the Steadicam, back in the 1970s; focus on the story and let technology do the rest.

To add weight to this, DJI has produced a  DJI’s short film “Legacy”, which is an emotional piece of storytelling that captures this industry shift and follows a young, passionate filmmaker Jake, as his career takes flight through four classic eras of Hollywood moviemaking.

Watch the film right here and consider the fact that this has all been made possible with recent developments in technology and largely with thanks to the crack team in the R&D department at DJI:


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