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Video: “Off The Beaten Path,” A DJI & Skypixel Contest Story

Andy Best grew up on a farm in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where he would watch the starry sky every night. After moving to and living in the city for years, he started to crave the nature he once called home. In 2015, Andy quit his city job and started a tour company, taking people through untraversed areas in a van

Nowadays, he brings his DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which allows him to capture unique aerial images along the way.

If you enjoy capturing stunning aerial perspectives, the recently opened 2017 SkyPixel Video Contest runs through to August 2 and welcomes all drone users to submit their vision of the world in video format to any of three categories: Nature, City, or Sport. Whether you are a new drone user, a professional videographer, or someone just wanting to showcase their creativity from above, you can enter the contest here.


Watch this short film from Andy below:

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