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YouTube Live is now Mobile

Luke Gardner - 3 years ago

YouTube has announced YouTube Live for mobile. A big step forward for YouTube Creators, it will maintain the benefits of uploaded videos, such as monetization, whilst also alerting subscribers to the YouTuber being live. On top of this, YouTubers can choose to upload their video after shooting. Read on for more

In a world of instant gratification, this feature comes as a great new means of communication from influencers to their followers. The ability to show live, unedited video, allows creators to be transparent with what they’re doing and talking about. We expect to see the development enabling new to spread faster, audience interaction going up, and all of the one-take-wonders will be in their element!

What will be exciting, is the potential for a new form of ‘YouTubing’ which allows creators the freedom to leave their laptop behind, working only from their mobile devices.

Facebook and Instagram have both launched ‘Live’ features, but these audiences don’t generally go onto either platform to be entertained, whereas YouTube has become the hub for this form of communication and entertainment. For some people, even beyond ‘regular’ television, or even cinema.

It will be interesting to see how YouTube handles/controls the content that’s produced and broadcast, how they keep control in ensuring the users follow their guidelines and stay within legal and decent parameters.

So whether you’re on top of a mountain or down by the sea, if you have a decent enough data connection, you can share your story in real-time.

Are you next best live-streamer? Let your creativity flow and find out!

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Read YouTube Live is now Mobile

Luke Gardner

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