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PONF Announces Analogue Medium Format & 100MP Digital Multi-Camera in Pipeline

Some of you will have seen our posts about the photo-manufacturing mavericks, PONF [Photography on Film], and their grand designs to offer a reasonably priced, multi-format camera to all at an affordable price. Today, they have gone a step beyond, announcing the next steps in their product roadmap in the shape of a medium format film and 100-megapixel digital hybrid camera

The guys at PONF have a grand vision for camera modularity, that’s for sure. They see modularity as the key to the ability to create an ecosystem of camera bodies, lenses, systems, and formats that can be exchanged in and out depending on who is using them and how. Sometimes you need to work fast and light. Others call for the process to slow down and view things in stunning, highest-possible definition, simply needing the ability to capture a greater amount of light. That’s where medium format comes in.

Even before the first PONF Camera becomes available, which as reported here at PhotoBite, will be based on 35mm format and will have either an APS-C or Full Frame Sony imaging sensor, they have eyes on the future to release something BIGGER in partnership with Sony.

PONF has officially confirmed that they will be using Sony’s 100MP sensors in the second family of PONF camera products, allowing users to seamlessly alternate between medium format film and medium format digital.

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