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New Range of Affordable Microphones Announced by Saramonic

- 7 years ago

Saramonic, via Kenro in the UK, has announced a trio of sharply priced microphones, providing an entry point for photographers and filmmakers looking to take their audio to the next step. Along with these three is a new Saramonic XLR shotgun mic kit, designed for the more advanced user, looking for broadcast quality audio

Native/onboard audio that can be found in DSLRs, CSCs and some camcorders, comes with significant restraints that will usually make it inadequate for more serious productions. Using an external mic gives a dramatic boost in sound quality.

The new PMIC range from Saramonic has been launched to fill an entry level gap in the DSLR-audio market with three new reasonably priced products that promise to make it more affordable than ever to achieve noticeably enhanced sound.

The Saramonic Super Cardioid Unidirectional Condenser Microphone PMIC1 offers a good choice for those looking to take the first step towards better quality audio, and its lightweight shotgun style enables it to sit snugly in any cold shoe mount. Featuring a low cut filter [100 Hz], the PMIC1 cuts down on rumble and low-frequency noise, boosting the clarity of dialogue. No battery required, and the mic connects directly to the camera via the [included] 3.5mm cable. A foam windscreen also comes as part of the deal, in the box.

The new PMIC1 Mono Condenser Microphone from Saramonic

Both the Saramonic Stereo Condenser Microphone PMIC2 and the Saramonic Surround Condenser Microphone PMIC3 come with all the benefits of the PMIC1 but with an alternative 75Hz low cut filter to deal with [still] lower frequencies. The PMIC2 adds stereo to the mix, while the PMIC3 is a surround condenser microphone that brings surround ambience to recordings.

Pricing for these new Saramonic mics is competitive, to say the least, with the PMIC1 coming in at £62.34 [SRP], with the PMIC2 at £87.54 and the PMIC3 £124.74, proving that decent audio doesn’t need to cost the earth.

The new PMIC2 Stereo Condenser Microphone from Saramonic

The new PMIC3 Surround Condenser Microphone from Saramonic

Completing the new line-up of mics from Saramonic is the SRAXM3 kit, which contains two XLR shotgun-style cardioid microphones with foam windshields

These broadcast-quality mics can be plugged directly into any audio adapter that has XLR inputs, [Saramonic’s include the MixMic, SRPAX2, SRAX107, SmartRig+, SRAX104 and BMCCA01].

The new SRAXM3 XLR Shotgun Microphone Kit from Saramonic

Sturdy and lightweight, these new mics feature an all-metal design to assure they are up to the demands of the high-end, pro-minded user.

SRP of the SRAXM3 kit is £250.74.

Paul Kench, Kenro’s Managing Director told PhotoBite: Today’s photographers and filmmakers are increasingly looking to achieve high-quality productions, and audio is a crucial part of this. The latest products from Saramonic are designed to offer an affordable route into the world of higher quality sound without requiring an audio expert.

You simply slot the microphone into the camera’s cold shoe mount, plug it into the 3.5mm jack socket and you’re all set: the audio track is recorded direct to your camera, but you’ll have far more control over the quality of the sound you achieve. And the beauty of the Saramonic range is that even the entry-level products are compatible with the full line-up of Saramonic audio adapters, so itís easy to trade up to higher spec audio equipment as you progress in your filmmaking career.

For full specifications, visit the Kenro website

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Read New Range of Affordable Microphones Announced by Saramonic

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