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NEW: The Great Outdoors Stage Announced for The Photography Show 2018

- 6 years ago

The Photography Show has announced a brand new themed stage for 2018, promising live demos and talks, including techniques and approaches to outdoor photography, ‘The Great Outdoors’

Sessions on the new Photography Show stage will incorporate a search of movement in wildlife filmmaking, building 360 and capturing original landscape shots specifically for social media use.

Joe Cornish will reveal how composition and light give life to a still image. Joe’s aim is to expose the natural world so that it can tell its own stories through considered perspective, and appropriate use of light. His talk intends to encourage the visitor’s love of landscape; to find their own authentic ‘camera voice’ by harmonizing with the environment and by learning to trust their visual intelligence.

Thomas Heaton will examine how his passion for the outdoors drives his photography; how this benefits
him on a personal level and how, as a result, he has accumulated a YouTube audience of 200,000.

Thomas will examine how stepping out of a comfort zone and looking more closely at the landscape can help to improve your photography.

Picture copyright – Elke Vogelsang - Photography Show
Picture copyright – Elke Vogelsang

Jo Bradford will be looking at workflow for pro-quality outdoor smartphone photography. Jo, who has [literally] written a book on this topic, will demonstrate some of the best pro apps, currently available, live on stage and will explore how to get the best from shooting with a smartphone, including troubleshooting
some of the common dilemmas with mobile photography.

Ben Cherry an environmental photojournalist and ambassador for Fujifilm, will share his experiences of photographing obscure wildlife, including getting the best from his kit in difficult surroundings.

Ben told PhotoBite: “I attempt to get the viewer to feel the way I felt when I took the image – it’s about experiencing the wonders of the natural world and how we relate to it.”

Picture copyright – Tensi Ward - Photography Show
Picture copyright – Tensi Ward

Scott Johnson will deliver a talk, based on shooting ‘wedding images anywhere’,  and will demonstrate his shooting and lighting techniques, live, to achieve amazing wedding shots, anytime and anywhere.

Scott will aim to change the wedding photographer’s mindset about locations that they could ordinarily walk past and, ultimately, miss.

Picture copyright – Elke Vogelsang - Photography Show

Elke Vogelsang, a renowned dog photographer, will reveal how to set photos up for impeccable action shots and how she works with various subjects to capture supremely playful portraits. She will also examine what to look for when picking a location and how to capture emotional and character-filled photographs.

Other sessions taking place at the Photography Show on the newly announced Great Outdoors stage will cover the use of 360 photography, the challenges of shooting live wildlife TV shows, developing an individual style in outdoor photography and much more, led by Chris Upton, Nat Coalson, Tesni Ward, Chris Coe, Paul Stanbury, John Nassari, Ross Dickie, Will Fox, Nigel Forster, Tania Esteban and Steve Watkins.

The Great Outdoors Stage is presented by Rohan clothing.

Picture copyright – Elke Vogelsang - Photography Show
Picture copyright – Elke Vogelsang

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Read NEW: The Great Outdoors Stage Announced for The Photography Show 2018

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