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Lumix Tease the World with the Announcement of the S5

- 4 years ago

With more to follow from their online launch on September 2nd at 15:00 BST. Lumix look to show off the S5, rumoured to be a lighter version of the S1 series but still rocking a full-frame 35mm sensor this could certainly turn some heads come September. This isn’t a unique progression from Lumix as Nikon and arguably Canon has done the same with Nikon’s announcement of the Z5 and Canon of the EOS RP.

Lumix S5 tease Banner

In the world today, Chinese whispers get around fast and the real trick is to discern the fact from the fiction. We’ve rounded up some of the more plausible ‘facts’ to piece together what the mystery camera could entail.

Starting with the Sensor, it has been confirmed that the S5 will be running with a full-frame 24-megapixel sensor with reasonably good ISO performance around 100-50,000. From this, we can assume this looks to by a hybrid camera for both photo and video work. As with the growing trend, we could see a Vari-Angle screen. Size-wise from the silhouetted banner, we can assume it will be smaller and lighter than the S1 series cameras making it adapt for travelling light.

For the curious video users, we could see the S5 fitted with V-Log profiles and 4K 60fps as well as 1080p up to 180fps. Lumix has always been strong in the video world, whether this is going to be a GH5 replacement is doubtful but for those who want strong video features on a big Lumix sensor, the S5 could tick some serious boxes.

If you want to hear about the S5 from Lumix themselves then save the date September 2nd at 15:00 BSTand use this link to watch their Livestream. We’ll see you there!

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Read Lumix Tease the World with the Announcement of the S5

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