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Kodak Alaris Sold!

- 4 years ago

After many months of speculation, PhotoBite has learned that Kodak Alaris, Kodak’s paper and chemical division, has been handed over to new owners for an undisclosed sum.

Kodak Alaris
Kodak’s historic factory in Harrow, as photographed by Jonathan Hordle in 2012.

In a leaked document, we learned that Kodak’s consumer-facing arm, Kodak Alaris, has been sold to Hong Kong-based Sinopromise Holdings.

According to a report published by Inside Imaging, and confirmed by anonymous industry insiders who spoke to SilvergrainClassics on the condition of remaining anonymous, the move should not be seen as a ‘last-ditch effort’, similar to the sales of former Agfa assets, for example, but as a genuine investment into silver halide paper. Sinopromise already is one of the largest distributors of Kodak Alaris products and operate a paper production plant in Wuxi, China, which was taken over from Kodak Alaris back in 2016.

Kodak Porta Film.
Kodak Porta Film.

In recent history, with the acquisition of the distribution business of Noritsu silver halide printers, Sinopromise has laid a strong foundation for becoming a leading contender in the silver halide photo paper business and its supporting industries, possibly striving to be able to compete with far and away leaders, Fujifilm in the future. 

The sale of Kodak Alaris´s paper division is by no means a bad sign for film, or for analogue photography in general. Quite to the contrary, it signifies, that silver halide photographic products are seen as ‘worthy to invest in’ again. A welcome sign in our opinion, and hopefully a sign that we will be stocking Kodak film for a welcome shift many years to come in the PhotoBite Store.

Also read our interview with Kodak Alaris’ Andy Church from almost exactly a year ago, when rumours began to circulate.

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