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Saramonic Announce New Wireless Microphone Line Up

- 7 years ago

Messy and potentially dangerous trailing mic leads are set to become a thing of the past in Saramonic’s mic range thanks to their latest announcement, the UwMic9 range of wireless microphones

The new mics are capable of a signal range of up to 100 metres [when used in a situation where there’s a clear line of sight and no interference], making the system a hassle-free fit for those specialising in DSLR videography, field recording, interviews and broadcast TV.

The new line up extends wireless audio options to a new generation of filmmakers, and it’s not even necessary to replace your existing audio kit to benefit. The Saramonic TX-XLR9 Plug-on XLR Transmitter, retailing at £155.94, converts standard XLR mics to wireless operation in a matter of moments. The transmitter features a wide switching RF bandwidth, an easy-to-read LCD, +48V phantom power and a mute function, and it works in tandem with the UwMic9 RX9 dual-channel receiver to offer stable, interference-free audio in a portable, compact and low-cost package.

Meanwhile, the new Saramonic HU9 handheld wireless microphone transmitter, priced at £155.94, features a compact metal body, an easy-to-read LCD screen, an RF power switch and a PLL synthesiser. This broadcast-quality microphone promises to deliver rich and clear sound, and comes with a built-in antenna, muting function and a power lock function.

If you’re a filmmaker looking for a complete location-ready audio package, then the UHF Wireless Microphone RX9 wireless receiver and TX9 compact transmitter kit could be the answer. Priced at just £275.94, this dynamic duo comes all ready for action straight out of the box. The RX9 camera-mountable integrated wireless receiver features a wide switching RF bandwidth, an easy-to-read LCD display and infrared synchronisation between transmitter and receiver, and it’s equipped with an auto-scan function so that it can automatically search for an available transmission frequency. There’s also a useful headphone jack on board that enables real-time monitoring via headphones, especially useful for cameras that might lack a monitor output.

The accompanying TX9 transmitter employs a crystal-controlled PLL synthesiser and comes equipped with a muting function, a BMP-type microphone input connector, and an omnidirectional lavalier microphone, while there’s also the facility to switch the RF power output between high, middle and low.

To address interview situations where it might be necessary to wirelessly mic up more than one person, there’s a package available that pairs the RX9 wireless receiver with two TX9 transmitters complete with omnidirectional lavalier microphones, and this is available at £419.94.

The TX9 audio transmitter is also available as a separate unit, meaning that you can expand your wireless audio set up as necessary. SRP for the TX9 is £143.94.

To comply with UK law, all of the products in the UwMic9 range require a PMSE Wireless Microphone Licence, but this is simple and straightforward to obtain and can be ordered online.

Saramonic microphone devices are distributed in the UK by Kenro and speaking about the new launches, Paul Kench, Kenro’s Managing Director, told PhotoBite: “Things have moved on in the world of audio and flexible, easy-to-use wireless options that once were the preserve of high-end professional productions are now becoming available to the mass market. Saramonic has a reputation for quality combined with keen pricing, and the new UwMic9 range is available at a fraction of the cost of compatible kit from other, bigger name brands”.

Paul continued: “The full line up is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of filmmakers, from those that might already be using XLR microphones who can now painlessly adapt their kit to be wireless compatible, through to all-in-one kits that come ready to go with one or two transmitters, and microphones that allow most regular audio situations to be addressed. It marks the end of intrusive and potentially dangerous wires on set and opens the door to a fast, flexible and contemporary way of working”.

All prices quoted are SRP guide and include VAT.

Full specifications are available on the Kenro website

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