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Kenro Add to Slew of Sliders with Growth in Video Range

- 7 years ago

Kenro have announced an addition to its steadily growing range of Sevenoak camera sliders

Once the sole domain of the high-end movie industry, a camera slider allows for professional-looking, smooth and stable horizontal camera movement. A must-have effect for videography in many applications, and one that adds a ‘polished’ finish to movie production.

Kenro have launched no fewer than seven camera sliders into their growing line-up of Sevenoak photo and video accessories now. Three are designed for smaller cameras, three are for heavy-duty use, and one offers a clever combination of dolly [roller] and slider.

Firstly, the three Compact Sevenoak Camera Sliders are designed for creating quality shots on a lower budget. They feature a smooth guide rail constructed of heavy-duty, anodised aluminium for vibration-free, quiet panning, offering an easy motion for camera rigs.

There’s a built-in spirit level for ease of leveling up and tension adjustment. The sliders can be attached to a tripod or used standalone, and are compatible with most camera and video heads; ideal for use with DSLR cameras or smaller camcorders.

They are quick to set up and have adjustable, foldable feet.

Model SKLS60 is 60cm long, maximum load is 10kg. SRP £101.94 inc. VAT
Model SKLS85 is 85cm long, maximum load is 7kg. SRP £122.34 inc. VAT
Model SKLS120 is 120cm long, maximum load is 5kg. SRP £142.74 inc. VAT

Kenro’s SKLS60 Slider

Those looking for a more robust slider, for heavier camera rigs, Kenro offer the Heavy Duty Sevenoak Camera Slider range.

These sliders are made of heavy duty aluminium and feature precision bearings for smooth, quiet action. They can either be used standalone or across two tripods, and are compatible with most camera and tripod heads. They are suitable for use with DSLR cameras and camcorders.

Model SKHD75 is 75 cm long, maximum load is 15kg. SRP £161.94 inc. VAT
Model SKHD100 is 100cm long, maximum load is 12kg. SRP £203.94 inc. VAT
Model SKHD120 is 120cm long, maximum load is 10kg. SRP £275.94 inc. VAT

The SKHD75 Slider from Kenro

Lastly, the Sevenoak Dolly Slider [SKDS60] offers four smooth-action wheels on a 60cm slider.

The S60 Dolly Slider

With built-in, folding & adjustable feet, it can be used individually as both a dolly or a slider. Furthermore, using the combined features, it can prove to be a useful tool to create some really quite unique footage. It features heavy-duty

It features heavy-duty anodized aluminium construction, a smooth guide rail with bearings, built-in spirit level and tension adjustment, and has adjustable axles. It can be used on a flat surface or can also be mounted to a tripod.

Maximum weight capacity is 5kg. SRP £122.34 including VAT

Paul Kench, Kenro’s Managing Director said to PhotoBite: “Anyone getting into movie production knows that a slider is a ‘must-have’ piece of kit nowadays. When used well, it can give footage that amazing ‘Hollywood effect’. Sevenoak equipment is so beautifully made, yet so cost-effective. We are confident that these camera sliders will be very well-received.”

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Read Kenro Add to Slew of Sliders with Growth in Video Range

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