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It’s Hip to be Square: Introducing the Instax SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera

- 7 years ago

For the very first time, this new instant camera from the masters at Fujifilm offers a mix of the benefits of digital photography with the existing Instax system. Taking  lot of the guesswork out of instant photography and resulting in improved image quality and greater control over editing & processing before printing

The Instax SQ10 from Fujifilm is the first hybrid camera within its range that comes loaded with a digital sensor and image processing technology. The new camera takes the already-pretty-good image quality of Instax cameras to the next level and allows the user to add creative flourishes to their photography with an intuitive interface.

Night Scene mode

Bulb mode

Double exposure

Three buttons at the top of the main dial corresponds directly with the camera’s main functions, ten filters, vignette control, and brightness adjustment, with every adjustment being displayed on the rear LCD monitor. The new interface gives the user unparalleled, [in terms of instant photography] ability to edit their photos before printing off.

The new SQ10 is brilliantly designed with a thin, round, symmetrical shape for simple grip. It has a dual shutter system with twin shutter buttons; one on either side of the body. This not only offers ‘lefties’ to press the shutter with their preferred hand but also works as a function switch button, making it simple to change the shooting mode.

The camera’s battery is rechargeable and a single charge will allow you to shoot up to 160 frames. That’s a lot of instant pix from one charge!

Pricing & availability TBA In the meantime, watch the film below, which takes you through the functions of the new SQ10 from Instax:

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