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Hasselblad’s Widest [Ever] Lens – XCD 21mm f/4 – Now Available to Order

- 6 years ago

As Hasselblad continue the development of their XCD lens lineup, the previously announced XCD 21mm f/4 lens is now available for ordering

Hasselblad’s widest lens to date, the XCD 21mm f/4 lens promises to open doors for creative opportunities for the X1D user.

Hasselblad’s Widest [Ever] Lens – XCD 21mm f/4 – Now Available to Order

The 21mm f/4 lens from Hasselblad brings together the compact format of the XCD range with the maximum optical quality across the frame with a wide field of view. The XCD 21mm has an extremely short focal length that provides a 17mm full-frame equivalency. It features a 32cm close distance setting [1:10 image scale] and an aperture range between 4 and 32. Offering a new versatility to the X1D user, the lens is especially suitable for both landscape and interior and exterior architectural photography.

Hasselblad’s Widest [Ever] Lens – XCD 21mm f/4 – Now Available to Order

The automatic Lens Correction Tool in Phocus will generate images from the XCD 21mm f/4 that are completely free from any distortion, rendering all lines perfectly straight.

Like the other XCD lenses, the XCD 21mm f/4 lens has an integral central shutter offering a wide range of shutter speeds and full ash synchronisation up to 1/2000th second.

Pricing and availability

The XCD 21mm lens will begin shipping mid-May 2018 and will cost £ 2749 [excluding VAT].

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