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Hasselblad Drops Phocus & Phocus Mobile Updates

Luke Gardner - 4 months ago

Phocus, for the uninitiated, is Hasselblads own editing software [like lightroom or capture one] offering Hasselblad users tailored software designed for their cameras. Phocus for desktop update 3.6 enhances Hasselblad’s own image processing software with exciting new features that expand the creative post-production options for medium format photographers, including Focus Bracketing, Film Grain tool and Adaptive Chromatic Aberration correction. Phocus already offers an array of valuable tools, including tethered shooting with camera control, live view functionality, Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution, adjustment layers, auto moiré detection, digital lens correction, and Defringe tool. 

Phocus Desktop

Focus Bracketing 

Tethered execution of Focus Bracketing sequences is now possible via additional functionality in the Capture Sequencer tool. X, H and 907X cameras are supported. 

New Film Grain Tool  

The new Film Grain tool enables adding a highly flexible simulation of film grain to images. Three different types of film grain simulations are available with the ability to change the following four parameters for each: amount, granularity, roughness and colour. 

“Taking into account feedback from Hasselblad users that lets us continuously improve our systems, we’re excited with this latest Phocus release to introduce Focus Bracketing capabilities along with other useful tools for all our camera lines,”

Carsten Pedersen, Phocus Software Manager. 

Adaptive Chromatic Aberration 

The Adaptive Chromatic Aberration option now makes corrections of lens chromatic aberration in single-shot images based on image analysis rather than theoretical data, as was done previously. This also allows for the correction of chromatic aberration in images shot on third-party lenses. 


Phocus Mobile 2 lets the Hasselblad image editing process be taken out in the field with a fully portable workflow for the X1D II 50C and 907X cameras. With the ability to import, rate, and now edit both RAW and full quality JPEG images directly on the photographer’s device, Phocus Mobile 2 also supports full quality image export, tethered shooting and direct camera control.

Phocus Mobile

Phocus Mobile 2 Update 1.2 adds the following improvements:  

  • New Defringe tool to remove purple and green fringes 
  • JPEG images can now be edited 
  • Support added for simultaneous capture to both SD card and iPad 
  • Full synchronization of camera white balance 
  • General UI and system improvements 

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