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Fujifilm Unveils the Instax SQ6: Square Format Instant Analogue Camera

Fujifilm has announced details of the new Instax SQ6 square format analogue instant camera

Unlike the Instax SQ10, which was the first Fujifilm camera to produce the relatively new square format Instax film, the SQ6 is purely analogue, whilst the SQ10 was a hybrid camera, capable of producing digital files as well as instant pics.

The new SQ6 boasts an automatic exposure adjustment function that is automatically initiated when you press the shutter, detecting ambient brightness and adjusting to give the optimum shutter speed and flash; even in a dim light.

Built with selfies in mind, there’s a selfie-mode, which automatically switches the camera’s settings to the optimum focus and brightness for your situation. There is also a selfie mirror attached to the side of the lens, which helps you to compose the ‘perfect’ selfie!There’s a tripod mount in the bottom of the main body and also a timer function for capturing group shots, or any automated shooting needs, along with three regular shooting modes:

Double Exposure Mode enables two images to be overlapped on a single shot when you press the shutter twice.

Macro Mode can produce short-range pictures up to a [minimum of] 30cm.

Landscape Mode can be used to take long-range landscape pictures.

The new SQ6 also comes complete with three coloured filters in orange, purple and green. Simply put one of these over the flash and you can apply simple colour washes to your overall photograph.

There are three colours to choose from and they all feel a little ‘grown up’ and ‘sensible’ if to be compared to much of the rest of the Instax range of cameras, but that’s fine as they look great and minimal is cool, after all. Pearl White, Blush Gold, and Graphite Gray.

If you are looking for something a little more quirky and cool, though, you might want to look at the LomoInstant Square camera, which, oddly, was launched ahead of Fujifilm’s SQ6. Fujifilm does, however, still claim that the SQ6 is the ‘world’s first’.

Pricing and availability

We expect to see the new SQ6 being available from the end of May 2018 at £124.99.

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