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Fujifilm UK Merges its Photography Services, Announcing the new Imaging Solutions Business Division

- 3 years ago

Fujifilm UK has revealed that it is consolidating its Photo Imaging, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices business divisions into a new Imaging Solutions business segment, entitled Fujifilm Imaging Solutions UK. In what’s been announced as a strategic development and a new future direction for Fujifilm UK’s photo business, Fujifilm Imaging Solutions UK will see the amalgamation of the teams in the instax, X Series, GFX, FUJINON and other photo-centric divisions.

In the official press release, Fujifilm stated that the consolidation has been the result of significant change in recent years, both in the UK and worldwide photo market, and has been amplified by the COVID-19 global health pandemic.

Fujifilm House of Photography closes
Fujifilm House of Photography.

The UK Mirrorless camera market shrunk with the overall demand for digital cameras has decreased by 40% since the beginning of April 2020.

In the past 12 months, the UK Mirrorless camera market shrunk and, according to CIPA, the overall demand for digital cameras has decreased by 40% since the beginning of April 2020. In the Optical market, with many shows, events and films being postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, pressure has been put on the sales of cinema and broadcast lenses. At the same time, lockdown restrictions and the unprecedented shift to eCommerce platforms across the consumer photography business has also created a greater opportunity to directly engage customers with a joined-up approach to sales and marketing.

The new General Manager of the Fujifilm Imaging Solutions UK is the current General Manager of Fujifilm Electronic Imaging UK, Theo Georghiades. The new Fujifilm Imaging Solutions – UK business division will be in place as of 1 April 2021.

Yoshi Nakamura, Managing Director of Fujifilm UK, said: “Both photography products and consumers have moved increasingly toward each other in recent years. As a result, staff in our Photo Imaging, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices teams have developed closer networks, collaborations and connected ways of working together to share, knowledge, skills and experience.

“Despite our UK teams producing great results in the circumstances, the last twelve months has also been difficult for everybody involved in the photography business. It has meant that we have had to carefully consider our future direction, as well as the need greater for operational efficiency, agility and alignment. With this in mind, I strongly believe that the needs of consumers are best met by one single Imaging Solutions team. Across our photography business, I want to firmly connect our photography capabilities together, from taking a photo to creating something magical with it. This is what gives us the edge over our competitors and is a completely unique feature of our business – this is where I intend to focus.

“I am pleased that our new Fujifilm Imaging Solutions – UK team will be led by Theo Georghiades, who has expertly guided the UK Electronic Imaging business over the five years and has also been the driving force behind the FUJIFILM House of Photography. At the same time, I’d like to sincerely thank Neill Harris for his incredible service to Fujifilm for more than 20 years, we wish Neill every success for the future and we will miss the great support, dedication and experience he has provided to the business.

“Realigning our photography business, and consolidating three divisions into a single Imaging Solutions business division, unfortunately, also means that a number of colleagues will also be leaving Fujifilm UK. Everyone at Fujifilm UK is acutely aware of the impact this has on individuals and their families, particularly during these difficult times. I am grateful for everybody’s commitment and service to the company. We will do everything possible to help our employees affected to overcome this period of transition.”

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Read Fujifilm UK Merges its Photography Services, Announcing the new Imaging Solutions Business Division

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