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DJI Reveal Free White Paper: Elevating Safety

Simon Skinner - 5 months ago

DJI has reinforced its position as the leader in drone safety within the industry by revealing a 10-point plan to ensure that skies across the globe stay safe in the age of growing drone use, both in the consumer and professional sectors.

DJI’s new White Paper, entitled, ‘Elevating Safety’ has been produced after a thorough evaluation of available drone safety data, which concludes that most drone incident data collected by government regulators are either misleading or, indeed, useless. It also shows that numerous media accounts of midair drone incidents are either false or unproven.

The paper centres on these 10 principal details:

  1. From 2020, DJI will install ADS-B receivers in all new drones above 250 grams
  2. DJI will develop a new automatic warning for drone pilots flying at extended distances
  3. DJI will establish an internal Safety Standards Group to meet regulatory and customer expectations
  4. Aviation industry groups must develop standards for reporting drone incidents
  5. All drone manufacturers should install geofencing and remote identification
  6. Governments must require remote identification
  7. Governments must require a user-friendly knowledge test for new drone pilots
  8. Governments must clearly designate sensitive restriction areas
  9. Local authorities must be allowed to respond to drone threats that are clear and serious
  10. Governments must increase enforcement of laws against unsafe drone operation

Tap HERE to download the document for free

About the author

Read DJI Reveal Free White Paper: Elevating Safety

Simon Skinner

Co-founder // Editor

Having spent many years working in various pockets of the music industry, and always with a camera in hand, Simon has worked with organisations such as Warner/Chappell, Food Records and ultimately, co-founding the innovative independent record label, Izumi Records before moving fully into the world of publishing in 2007. Amongst numerous other projects in the last decade, he has been responsible for a number of specialist photo trade magazines and journals for the filmmaking and photography communities, along with a coffee table book entitled, "Great Britons of Photography' which he produced with Peter Dench and Leica. Now heading up PhotoBite, Simon and the team have set themselves a task of delivering informative and inspirational content for photographers of all levels, from the beginner, shooting with smartphones, to the seasoned photographer and filmmaker.

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