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#TheMeasure: Leica M11 | Complementing Heritage with New Tech

Ant Macina - 2 years ago

Leica has been blending the old with the new, in terms of imaging tech. In the all-new Leica M11, Leica promises a market-leading, unique shooting experience for those with pockets deep enough to indulge in the brand’s premium price tagging. Watch our review piece in our latest edition of #TheMeasure.

Leica M11 Lifestyle 10

The price of the new Leica M11 is not for nothing. Bear in mind Leica’s rich heritage of imaging excellence and try to avoid the ‘designer’ aspect of the brand, [something relatively unique in camera manufacturing] and the Leica M11, paired with the brand’s excellent glass, really does seem to deliver on its promise. We took the camera for a hands-on test.

You can read more about the new Leica M11 in our recent news piece HERE

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PhotoBite Leica M11 review -
Leica M11:- Although we've given the Leica M11 4/5, it's an all-round score and would almost certainly score 5/5 for pure street & documentary photographers. It's a masterpiece and even with some of the new quirks, displays much that the brand is known and loved for. It's a real gem.


  • Incredible build quality and finish
  • Great high resolution sensor and stunning lenses
  • Inbuilt storage and USB-C port for convenience


  • Lack of autofocus, EVF and video limits a variety of uses
  • High cost of both body and first party lenses
  • Bad grip for long shooting sessions

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Read #TheMeasure: Leica M11 | Complementing Heritage with New Tech

Ant Macina

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Ant is a filmmaker and photographer from South London with a background in short films and a love for street, event, architectural and portrait photography. Primarily a video specialist, Ant brings his love for latest and greatest tech, along with his particular passion for environmental issues and conservation along with his enthusiasm about vintage gear and its applications in modern photography and videography.