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Is the Canon M50 Mark II Just a Firmware Update?

- 3 years ago

The Canon M50 Mark II has arrived as the next step in Canon’s entry-level mirrorless camera range and the new-and-improved version of the original Canon M50 model. Is this iteration of the Canon M50; a very good camera that we reviewed and liked very much, worth your hard-earned cash, or is it an unnecessary ‘filler’ to plug a gap in the company’s roadmap until something more groundbreaking is ready to unveil? We laid hands on the new model and took it for a spin. Allegedly featuring a number of improvements to the original Canon M50, we’re lifting the lid to see what Canon has produced.

So let’s check out the features

  • Create and share content to any platform through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Capture vertical videos to post directly to social channels
  • Clean HDMI output for direct live streaming from YouTube
  • 24.1MP APS-C sensor for stunning images and Full HD video
  • Versatile Vari-Angle touchscreen display for multiple shooting options
  • A 3.5mm microphone input for professional sound quality·      
  • Lens compatibility to match all perspectives and styles

We’re not going to beat around the bush and say Canon levelled up with the Canon EOS M50 Mark II because they didn’t. They spoke to the software team, updated the firmware and called it a day. This is where the customers come in. They’re expecting the loyalty of their customer base to buy this model and if they’re planning on discontinuing the original Canon M50 then it leaves the customer with no choice – sort of – there are other brands on the market. 

I doubt you’ll see many reviewers raving about this camera but it is quite underwhelming. We were expecting a range of new lenses – we got reminded of the lens adapters. We were expecting a faster overall camera – we got improved AF-tracking. We were wanting a bigger battery – we got slightly better battery life. I could go on. 

The Canon EOS M50 is not a bad camera. It’s actually quite good. The issues we have lain with the fact that there is next to no difference in value compared to the original Canon EOS M50 and we even stated areas of improvement for the next model. They were achievable too. 

Canon has the technology to add 8K to a camera, shoot 20fps, tracking fast-moving animals with advanced AI tracking. And we’re not evening asking for that to be in the Canon M50 Mark II, but don’t give us a camera with a firmware update look us in the eye and say it’s a brand new model. Because it’s not. The outside of the body is exactly the same except for the add ‘Mark II’ next to the name. And the 4K crop issues was never touched. 

So overall we are not happy with the ‘updated’ Canon M50 Mark II. It’s lacklustre and features no true innovation from a camera brand that has the largest market share and arguably the biggest R&D pocket [Research & Development]. 

So a simple breakdown of how we saw the meeting going for the Canon M50 Mark II then watch the first minute of the video! 


PhotoBite Canon M50 Mark II review -
Canon M50 Mark II:- We’re not going to beat around the bush and say Canon levelled up with the Canon EOS M50 Mark II because they didn’t.


  • Eye Tracking is good


  • It's basically a Firmware update Camera
  • Same 4K Crop As Previous Model
  • Very plastic feel given the price tag

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Read Is the Canon M50 Mark II Just a Firmware Update?

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