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Adobe Partners with Pantone to Highlight Nature’s ‘Most Beautiful Death’

- 5 years ago

In what is a truly pioneering collaboration, Adobe Stock and Adobe Colour have joined forces with Pantone and award-winning non-profit organisation, The Ocean Agency [TOA] to raise awareness on the devastating effects of the climate crisis on our seas.

Adobe Chasig Coral

The new campaign has been designed to highlight the catastrophic harm that’s being inflicted on our oceans, especially coral reefs, as part of Adobe and Pantone’s Glowing Glowing Gone campaign.

The Ocean Agency recently won an Emmy for their Netflix documentary ‘Chasing Coral’ and they’ve also received notable recognition for bringing Google Street View underwater. 

Through employing Adobe Colour’s great colour engine, Adobe has picked three new colours to represent the current climate crisis: Glowing Yellow, Glowing Blue, and Glowing Purple. The software giants have also plucked the specific fluorescing LAB values from The Ocean Agency’s images on Adobe Stock and converted them to RGB. In collaboration with Pantone, Adobe turned these digital values into Pantone Colour Standards and selected the custom palette that would ultimately become the colours of climate change.

Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, said: “One of the biggest trends we are seeing today is the desire to spend time in nature and concerns about the long-term sustainability of our planet, something which is manifesting itself into the colour stories proliferating throughout design.”

Following in the footsteps of Living Coral [2019 Pantone Colour of the Year], Glowing Yellow, Glowing Blue, and Glowing Purple invite people across the globe to recognise the fact that the Earth’s major ecosystems are in peril.

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Read Adobe Partners with Pantone to Highlight Nature’s ‘Most Beautiful Death’

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