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WIN: LOKI One Camera Rig

The LOKI One has quickly become one of PhotoBite’s products of the year, and with this in mind, we’ve joined forces with the team to offer one lucky person, their very own rig!

The Loki One is precision machined from aerospace grade aluminium and fitted with stainless steel locking plates on all the moving joints. Designed for performance, the LOKI One will not slip while you’re filming and the matte black surface finish stops unwanted reflections jumping off your camera rig.

The LOKI one system

The rig quickly transforms between a shoulder rig, camera cage, and camera dolly, enabling the capture of a range of high-quality, cinematic shots, without having to carry lots of bulky equipment. Perfect for small crews, solo filmmakers/vloggers and those travelling.

The rig will fold up and slot into your camera bag, as demonstrated in our recent video review in The Measure, below:

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