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Video: The Measure – iPhone Lenses with PhotoBite and Luke Gardner

In this, the first film produced in the PhotoBite retail concession at Anytime Records in sunny Eastbourne, Luke Gardner checks out some of the current wave of smartphone lenses

There’s no escaping the fact that smartphones are becoming smarter and smarter by the day. They have evolved with frightening speed and have largely replaced many items that we all used to take for granted; calculators, TVs, watches to name a few. It’s not so far-fetched to suggest that they’ve been the main contributing factor in the mass decline of compact cameras, either.

In the face of this, ‘serious’ photographers have been migrating to the few specialist retailers that have weathered the digital storm and as young creatives discover analogue photography for the first time, many make the switch from DSLR to smaller compact system cameras [CSCs].

All change then? It seems that way, and in the face of all of this, there’s been a swell of manufacturers producing photographic accessories for iPhones [and other smartphones] including recent products coming from some established heavyweights in the photo market.

In this video review, ‘The Measure’, PhotoBite’s Luke Gardner talks through his experiences with Sirui’s lenses and Zeiss Exolens; both for iPhone.



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