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What The !#*% is a JOBY?

- 4 years ago

Innovative smartphone vlogging and stabilisation accessory brand, JOBY, has launched a Europe-wide campaign, inviting Gen Z creatives to define what content production really is.

Since JOBY has considered creation to be an act of creativity, each of their products has been designed to be functional yet playful, whilst simple to use, they have announced this, their latest campaign entitled ‘What is a JOBY’. Created to invite Generation Z and aspiring content creators to let their creativity loose, demonstrating boldness, one vlog at a time.

JOBY Gorrillapod Mobile Vlogging Kit
The JOBY Gorrillapod Mobile Vlogging Kit.

This type of campaign is not a first for JOBY. Some of you may remember their successful #TheSongOfUs campaign, which saw JOBY getting more than 90 million views on its social media channels and more than 8,000 video submissions throughout the campaign, [not least due to the partnership with the ever-popular Justine Skye]. The new campaign, however, will see JOBY join forces with Gen Z, challenging creators from across Europe to define exactly what JOBY is using their creativity and intuition. Products will be shipped without any instruction to a selected number of European ambassadors, with the task to show the world how JOBY helps them to create using their originality. 

Selected ambassadors from accross Europe have begun to deliver their content for this new JOBY campaign, from the UK singing duo and identical twins Max&Harvey, Jack Massey Welsh from JacksEpicYouTubeChannelFullOfFunTimesandFunHiRickX and Alex Brooks from MarzBarVlogs have partnered with JOBY to build their videos for the campaign.

The recently launched GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit is aimed at those who are after an all-in-one rig. Specifically designed for today’s influencer, aspiring influencer or mobile content creator audience, the GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit makes it just a little simpler to make well-lit videos with high-quality sound. These are pretty good systems, even though we’re aware that the majority of users will likely be teenagers who talk non-stop and are well accustomed to brutal editing, they really do make shooting on the fly much simpler!

JOBY Wavo Mobile Microphone
The JOBY Wavo Mobile Microphone.

The ‘What is a JOBY’ campaign will give a sneak peek into the latest addition for the Wavo Mobile. The soon to be released special versions of the Wavo Windjammer will deliver some colour to your kit. The Windjammer will be available in Polar or Savage, giving great wind protection when shooting outdoors.

JOBY Beamo LED Light
The JOBY Beamo LED light.

Also included in the kit is a JOBY ‘Beamo’ Mini LED light and the GorillaPod Mobile Rig for hands-free shooting in front of the camera. With the JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Rig the only thing you need to add is your phone and imagination. See more at JOBY’s website.

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Read What The !#*% is a JOBY?

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