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Vecnos IQUI Arrives: The Ricoh Offshoot Delivers A Tiny 360 Camera for the Tik Tok Generation

- 4 years ago

The arrival of details of the all-new, ultra-slim Vecnos IQUI 360 camera, with IQUI being pronounced ee-kwee, of course, has been designed as the perfect partner to the new IQUISPIN app. A combination that’s been developed to ‘make shooting and sharing 360-degree content fun and easy.’

Vecnos IQUI in case

Vecnos Inc is a brand that recently popped up and, hailed as a ‘visual revolution company’ it’s arrived from the successful Ricoh Company, Ltd., who produce the excellent Theta 360 cameras that we all know and love.

The new Vecnos IQUI lands as a tiny, yet simple to use, 360 camera that’s tailor-made for the Tik Tok generation, giving the ability to shoot 360-degree photos and [up to] 30 second long short videos, which will capture the entire scene around the user.

Vecnos IQUI in hand

Together, the new IQUI camera and IQUISPIN app have been designed to give a new and simple experience for making 360 video and stills content. Notoriously tricky and traditionally file-heavy, the camera-app partnership promise to defeat the sizable limitations that most people experience with sharing 360-degree photos over social media. This is mainly since most social media platforms lack support for any 360-degree file formats. To get around this, the IQUISPIN app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, converts 360 still pictures [shot with the camera] into a multi-second MP4 video clip with a file size that’s small enough to be shared simply on any social media platform, as well as email and text sharing.

Vecnos IQUI app

Users can then personalise these ‘mini-videos’ with a range of native and engaging effects. Viewers might feel as though they are travelling through the image, thanks to the motions that pan the point of view around the entire photo, spinning it at speed, shifting from a close-up, zooming out to a tiny planet, etc. 

Effects can be added onto the moving photo, producing an appearance of space filled by 3D items such as exploding fireworks and fluttering cherry blossoms. 

Vecnos IQUI lifestyle 2

The IQUI has just three buttons on its small body; power, shutter and a mode button to switch between photo and video shooting. 

An exclusive quad-lens system with three side lenses and one top lens produces quality images and it’s this design that makes it possible for IQUI to be significantly smaller than any other 360-degree camera on the current market.

Vecnos IQUI lifestyle 1

Vecnos CEO Shu Ubukata, who led the team that developed the world’s first consumer 360-degree camera at Ricoh, designed the IQUI camera as a new kind of imaging device for a new generation of visual creators. He told PhotoBite: “IQUI is the first 360-degree camera to achieve this level of compactness while maintaining a high standard of visual quality and excellent usability. Our goal is for this revolutionary product to bring the fun and inspiration of 360-degree photography to a wider range of consumers.” 

Pricing and availability

Available from October 15th 2020 in the UK, the Vecnos IQUI will be available online at, at £299. 

The champagne-gold camera comes with a USB connector, stand, USB-C cable, and soft case. A protective battery charger case [BCC-1] giving more than two full back-up charges and pop-out design will be available in November 2020 at £89.

See more at the official product page, HERE.

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Read Vecnos IQUI Arrives: The Ricoh Offshoot Delivers A Tiny 360 Camera for the Tik Tok Generation

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