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The Insta360 X4: Redefining Creative Vision with 8K 360° Capture

- 1 month ago

Insta360 has revealed its latest flagship device, the Insta360 X4, promising a ‘new era of imaging innovation’. The new device boasts much-anticipated 8K 360° video capabilities alongside impressive 5.7K60fps and 4K100fps options, the X4 promises great image quality, opening up creative avenues for photographers, filmmakers, and content creators. With features like ‘shoot first, point later’ and the coveted Invisible Selfie Stick effect, the X4 redefines the possibilities of 360° capture. Moreover, it doubles as a traditional action cam, with its Single-Lens Mode upgraded to deliver smooth, ultra-wide 4K60fps footage. Read on more.

Insta360 X4 front and back

Enhancing this new imaging device from insta360 is a cutting-edge 5nm AI chip and an intuitive smart control system featuring Voice and Gesture Control. The X4 also boasts significantly improved battery performance, offering an impressive 135-minute run time. Additionally, removable lens guards provide convenient and robust protection for the device.

JK Liu, founder of Insta360, said: “8K will be transformative for creators as reframed video now holds its own alongside footage shot on regular cameras. But X4 isn’t just about image quality, it’s designed to be the most robust, easy-to-use 360° camera ever, no matter your experience.”

Insta360 X4 in the wild

Designed to cater to action enthusiasts, casual creators, and professionals alike, the Insta360 X4 embodies versatility and durability in a pocket-sized package.

Unparalleled Imaging Performance

The Insta360 X4 introduces groundbreaking features that elevate the creative process to new heights. Its 8K30fps resolution offers detailed and sharp footage, even after reframing, granting creators flexibility in post-production. Additionally, the X4 offers 5.7K60fps and 4K100fps options, ensuring smooth and cinematic shots for man y types of dynamic projects.

The device’s 360° shooting capabilities, coupled with the Invisible Selfie Stick effect, provide creators with perspectives previously only achievable with drones or professional camera crews. Furthermore, the X4’s high-resolution photos, powered by AI denoising, deliver 72MP images.

With innovative features like Me Mode, the X4 automatically frames subjects while keeping the selfie stick invisible, simplifying the shooting process and ensuring ready-to-share clips.

Versatile Dual Functionality

The Insta360 X4 transitions between 360° capture and traditional action cam functionality. In Single-Lens Mode, it offers immersive, wide-angle video with smooth 4K60fps footage and an ultra-wide 170° view, catering to various shooting preferences.

Insta360 X4 skiing

Built for Action

The X4 is durable and thrives in rugged environments, featuring removable lens guards for added protection and a 2.5″ Corning® Gorilla Glass® Touchscreen for enhanced durability. With features like FlowState Stabilisation and 360° Horizon Lock, it delivers smooth and level shots even during intense action sequences. Additionally, its extended 135-minute run time and waterproof design make it a great option for adventurous creators.

Streamlined Creativity

The Insta360 X4 simplifies the creative process with intuitive features like Gesture Control and Voice Control 2.0, allowing hands-free operation. Timed Capture enables automatic recording, perfect for capturing time-lapse scenes effortlessly.

The device’s creative shooting modes, including Bullet Time, 8K TimeShift, and 11K Timelapse, offer endless possibilities for dynamic storytelling. Moreover, AI-powered editing tools and the Insta360 Studio desktop software cater to creators of all levels, ensuring seamless post-production workflows.

Enhanced Accessibility

Insta360 expands accessibility with the launch of Insta360 Reframe, a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, enabling creators to edit 360° footage directly in Premiere Pro for streamlined workflows and maximum image quality.

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Read The Insta360 X4: Redefining Creative Vision with 8K 360° Capture

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