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Tenba Unveils Affordable Skyline Series of Camera Bags

With prices starting at just £35.00, Tenba’s new smart and affordable camera bags could provide the perfect answer for those who are at the beginning of their photographic journey

The new series of bags, called Skyline have been produced specifically for photographers who are on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality; these new bags, as with all Tenba camera bags come with a full 5-year warranty.

In total, you’ll find 5 varying sizes within the range, which are all available in two contrasting colour schemes, black with a silver logo badge, and grey with a blue logo badge, all starring a striking blue interior, which should make finding camera kit simpler.



Pricing & specs

Skyline 7 Shoulder Black 

Internal Dimensions: 15cm [H] x 15cm [W] x 11cm [D]

External Dimensions: 19cm [H] x 16cm [W] x 13cm [D]

Weight 200g

UK SRP £35.00


Skyline 8 Shoulder Black 

Internal Dimensions: 18cm [H] x 17cm [W] x 13cm [D]

External Dimensions: 22cm [H] x 18cm [W] x 15cm [D]

Weight 300g

UK SRP £40.00


Skyline 10 Shoulder Black 

Internal Dimensions: 22cm [H] x 16cm [W] x 13cm [D]

External Dimensions: 26cm [H] x 17cm [W] x 15cm [D]

Weight 300g

UK SRP £50.00


Skyline 12 Shoulder Black

Internal Dimensions: 27cm [H] x 16cm [W] x 13cm [D]

External Dimensions: 32cm [H] x 17cm [W] x 15cm [D]

Weight 400g

UK SRP £55.00


Skyline 13 Shoulder Black 

Internal Dimensions: 29cm [H] x 22cm [W] x 15cm [D]

External Dimensions: 33cm [H] x 23cm [W] x 17cm [D]

Weight 400g

UK SRP £60.00


The Tenba Skyline Series is available now via selected Tenba stockists.

For more info click through HERE



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