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Tenba Adds Two Backpacks to the Shootout Range: 14L Slim and 16L DSLR

- 6 years ago

After launching the original Tenba Shootout backpack line in 2014, Tenba has provided some exceptional, tough carry solutions for photographers and videographers across the globe.
With the addition of the new 14L Slim and 16LDSLR versions, we’re happy to see this successful range expanding to meet the requirements of a broader group of image makers.

Tenba Shootout
The complete range of Tenba Shootout backpacks.

The new Tenba Shootout 14L has been designed as a slim carry solution that’s ideal for mirrorless camera systems, with the Tenba Shootout 16L version being slightly deeper in its form in order to take standard DSLR cameras. Both bags can also comfortably take a DJI Mavic [or similar compact drone].

Tenba Shootout backpacks key features:

  • Water repellent fabrics
  • YKK branded clips and zips
  • Waterproof base panel to keep equipment dry
  • Reinforced stitching, including side pockets
  • Expedition harness, featuring Tenba’s Pivot-Fit and Airflow harness for comfort
  • 5-year warranty

Key features in new models:

  • Rear access on both 14L and 16L models for mirrorless & DSLR equipment.
  • Side access panel on 24L & 32L models, allowing for speedy access to equipment
  • A new hip belt for extra comfort
  • All backpacks now include a Pivot-Fit harness, basically an adjustable trolley strap, removable waist belt and a pocket for a hydration bladder [new 14L &16L only]
  • Reversible black/silver WeatherWrap rain cover included, with a padded interior and a soft top-pocket
  • Streamlined, more lightweight, fully adjustable dividers
  • Protective sleeve/pocket big enough for an iPad or similar sized tablet
  • 24L model can take [up to] 15” laptop in a padded laptop sleeve, [32L can take up to 17”]

See below for a breakdown of each bag in the current Tenba Shootout backpacks

Tenba Shootout 14L Slim Backpack: Ideal for up to 2 Mirrorless or Compact DSLR cameras with between 3-5 lenses.

Internal Dimensions: 20cm [w] x 38cm [h] x 11cm [D]
External Dimensions: 23cm [w] x 46cm [h] x 18cm [D]
Weight: 1.4kg
UK RRP: £170.00

Tenba Shootout 16L DSLR Backpack: Suitable for up to 2 Mirrorless or DSLR cameras with between 3-5 lenses.

Internal Dimensions: 20cm [w] x 38cm [h] x14cm [D]
External Dimensions: 23cm [w] x 46cm [h] x20cm [D]
Weight: 1.5kg
UK RRP: £180.00

Tenba Shootout 24L Backpack: Built for up to 2 DSLR cameras, 2-4 lenses [up to 70-200mm f2.8] along with a 15-inch laptop.

Internal Dimensions: 28cm [w] x 41cm [h] x15cm [D]
External Dimensions: 29cm [w] x 46cm [h] x23cm [D]
Weight: 1.9kg
UK RRP: £210.00

Tenba Shootout 32L Backpack:  The Daddy. The biggest backpack in the range, made for [up to] DSLR cameras [including battery grip] with lenses [up to] 400mm f2.8 and [up to] a 17-inch laptop. There’s also room for between 5-7 further lenses.

Internal Dimensions:28cm [w] x 48cm [h] x17cm [D]
External Dimensions:28cm [w] x 48cm [h] x17cm [D]
Weight: 2.7kg
UK RRP: £260.0

Availability and further information

The new Tenba Shootout backpacks are all available now and can be picked up from selected Tenba stockists. For more info, head to the company website.

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Read Tenba Adds Two Backpacks to the Shootout Range: 14L Slim and 16L DSLR

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