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Sharp Announces 8K Camera at CES 2019

- 5 years ago

Sharp is perhaps not the first brand that might come to mind when you think of imaging innovation, but that hasn’t stopped the consumer electronics brand entering the 8K camera market, teasing their forthcoming Sharp 8K camera – a ‘prosumer’ micro four-thirds camera at CES 2019.

An unexpected surprise? Yes, but Sharp did launch a pro-cinema 8K camera just a few months ago, and this camera is more than a concept as it will be officially announced later on this year. 

The camera, which currently has no name, very minimal design and a huge [5″] flip-out monitor on the rear, features a micro four-thirds sensor and lens mount, making it compatible with a broad range of glass already available from multiple manufacturers.

Sharp 8K camera

Sharp has stated that [let’s just call it ‘the camera’] will write 8K [7680×4320] at 30fps using H.265 compression. Ahead of the camera’s official launch, they are working on making the camera capapble of recording 8K 60p. Not a great deal more detail at this stage, but an interesting development at this year’s CES nonetheless!

Sharp 8K camera
The prototype of Sharp’s forthcoming 8K camera as seen at CES 2019.

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