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PhotoBite Presents: Phil Grabsky – Photography Show 2018

- 6 years ago

Presenting the second of our speakers during the 2018 Photography Show, we’re excited to announce Phil Grabsky from specialist film production company, Exhibition on Screen.

Aside from being a member of team PhotoBite, Phil has won numerous awards for his directing, writing, producing and cinematography.

Phil Grabsky is behind cinema films such as Muhammad Ali – Through the Eyes of the WorldIn Search of Beethoven, In Search of Mozart and The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan. These films have played in festivals, cinemas and on TV & DVD worldwide, winning dozens of awards. In cinemas, Phil’s films have been a great success: in Australia, both In Search of Mozart and In Search of Beethoven played in cinemas for months and entered the all-time top-grossing documentaries.

Just occasionally something will crop up that restores your faith in humanity’s future. EXHIBITION ON SCREEN is a global phenomenon’.  EXHIBITION ON SCREEN is now playing in 55 countries and Seventh Art Productions is currently producing films on Cézanne and Picasso.

Phil Grabsky
Phil Grabsky

Taking place on Saturday 17th between 3:30 and 4 pm on the Video Stage, Phil outlines the challenges he faces producing these specialist films and how he and his team then take them to market. He’ll also discuss his kit bag, offering valuable insight on just what it takes to produce cinema quality films with a ‘run-and-gun’ set up.

For full details and to add to your diary, follow THIS LINK and to view Phil Grabsky’s bio, skip over to thePhotoBite Team Page

Alongside Phil Grabsky we also have Emma Blau offering her views on what it takes to create and build a photographic identity, and Luke Curtis recreating a club scene live on stage to demonstrate his techniques for shooting in this environment.

We’ll see you at the Birmingham NEC!

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