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New Saramonic Shotgun Mics Announced

- 7 years ago

The Saramonic SRTM1 comes in as a mid-range directional shotgun mic with a frequency range 40-20k Hz. It has a 150Hz HPF low cut switch, +6dB high frequency boost, and -10dB Pad.

Ideal for DSLR video and film production, the SRTM1 is also good for field recording, sound design and broadcast applications.

It has a built-in lithium battery which can be charged via USB and promises to last for around 150 hours of use! Alternatively, 48V phantom power can be used, making this a very versatile ‘go anywhere’ shotgun mic.

The High Pass Filter reduces low frequency and infrasonic rumble from HVAC systems and ambient sound, while the -10dB Pad attenuates microphone input for recording loud sounds without clipping.

The High Frequency Boost restores some of the high frequency content that is lost when a blimp or windshield is placed over the microphone, to improve the clarity of speech.

New Shotgun mics from Saramonic

SRP is £227.94 including VAT.

Also, There’s a new Saramonic SRTM7. A ‘super’ cardioid directional shotgun-style microphone with a superior spec.

It also features a USB rechargeable battery or 48V phantom power,  and the SRTM7 has a frequency range of 20-20k Hz with a 75 / 150 low cut switch, +6 dB high frequency boost and -10dB pad.

Maximum SPL is 145 dB and the signal to noise ratio is also higher at 80 dB SPL (per 1EC651). As with the SRTM1, the built-in lithium battery lasts for 150 hours of use.

A shock mount is also included in the kit.

SRP is £455.94 including VAT.

Both of these microphones have specifications well beyond their price range and could be favourably compared to some of the more established brand models.

All prices quoted are SRP guide including VAT.

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