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New Range of NanGuang Branded Shooting Tables Announced

- 7 years ago

Kenro has introduced a range of NanGuang branded shooting tables, along with a new lighting floor stand aimed at the still life photo or video shooter

It’s much easier to photograph or film still life objects on a dedicated shooting table, with the advantage of being able to light from any direction, even from the back or underneath, to give a seamless, clean background for products and other small items. The NanGuang CNT1017 Tabletop Shooting Table offers a reasonably priced studio accessory, designed to give you a practical way to create effective lighting for small objects. Measuring 61 x 70 x 54cm it is large enough to shoot reasonable-sized items on its translucent Perspex top, but only takes up a small amount of tabletop space.

The new NanGuang CNT1017 Tabletop Shooting Table

It stands 18cm high on its frame with a total height of 54cm. Its strong frame is ideal for clamping light heads to the front and back or it can simply be used as plain background for shadowless lighting with an overhead softbox. It can be used with LED continuous lighting or with flash. The CNT1017 is also available as part of a 3-head kit [CNT1017/3K]. In addition to the shooting table, the kit includes two NanGuang CN20FC Fresnel focusing lighting heads, one NanGuang CN8F Fresnel focusing lighting head, and three clamps and brackets. The CN20FCs have a lighting angle of 15-55 degrees with 20W LED power and 3200-5600

The CN8F has a light angle of 10-65 degrees with 8W power, stepless dimmer control and 5600K colour temperature. It also comes with a set of barn doors and a CT conversion filter to 3200K. All lights can be powered by mains, or by AA batteries.

The new NanGuang CNT1017/3K kit version

CNT1017 Shooting Table alone has an SRP of £109.98 , and the CNT1017/3K Shooting Table Kit’s SRP is£799.98 . For those who have larger object shooting requirements, the new NanGuang Freestanding Shooting Table CNT1018 is 62cm wide and 85cm deep. It stands 66cm off the floor with a total height of 112cm. Helpfully, the back of the frame is adjustable so that the table can lay almost flat if required.

For those who want to shoot larger objects, the new NanGuang Freestanding Shooting Table CNT1018 is 62cm wide and 85cm deep. It stands 66cm off the floor with a total height of 112cm. The back of the frame is adjustable so that the table can lay almost flat if required.

The new NanGuang CNT1018 version

It is easy to set up and pack away and fits neatly into the included carry bag of just 68 x 27 x 26cm. The table’s SRP is £229.98 .

Finally, NanGuang has also introduced a new lighting floor stand suitable to mount a wide range of lights with 15mm male spigot. It comprises three arms that can be locked into a suitable position or shape to achieve the best stability for the light head. The NanGuang floor stand is more versatile than a simple light stand and is suitable for use with larger NanGuang lights, such as the Luxpad 43, Combo series heads, CN30F and larger Fresnel lights – or with other similar manufacturers’ lighting heads. The SRP is £74.94 .

The new NanGuang Lighting Floorstand

Paul Kench, Kenro’s managing director, told PhotoBite: “These new NanGuang shooting tables are quick to set up, so can be easily taken to a client’s premises for use as a temporary studio; perfect to produce high-quality images for product photography, web shops and auction sites. Either used with your existing lighting or with the included lights in the kit version, these shooting tables can quickly pay for themselves.”

For further details and to find your nearest stockist, please visit Kenro’s website [look for the Where to Buy section]. All prices include VAT

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