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NANLITE Forza 60 II and 60B II Lights Drop

- 1 year ago

NANLITE has revealed the newest additions in their range, which includes advancements in native lighting technology. An upgrade to the popular Forza range arrives in the form of the second-generation NANLITE Forza 60 II and NANLITE 60B II.

The all new NANLITE Forza 60 II and NANLITE 60B II have ben revealed.

Alongwith updatesto theNanlite Forza 60W series, the Forza 300/300B II and 500/500B II have also had the treatment, seeing updates across the range.

Following the popularity of the original series, the new interpretations have a compact frame, full compatibility with Bowens mount accessories [the Forza 300/500 have an extra umbrella mount] and benefit from noise levels that have been improved to just 20dbA. The cooling system also operates in 4 modes. SMART, FULL SPEED, LOW SPEED and OFF in order to give the operater control over noise, presumably.

Forza 300/300B II and 500/500B II
The heavier-duty Forza 300/300B II and 500/500B II have also been announced.

A range of special effects are built in and flexibility has been considered with onboard 2.4G, Bluetooth for connectivity of the NANLINK App. for more complex lighting solutions and effects using lightins in groups, the new Forza lights offer wired DMX/RDM control and offer dual battery operation for a broader variety of shooting scenarios, 14.4V-14.8V batteries can be used simultaneously with all versions being able to sustain single battery power operation for power switching when batteries are low. This step forward allows for hot-plugging as well as hot swapping between AC/DC for Forza 300/300B II & 500/500B II, meaning users can shoot for longer periods with no interruption.

Forza 60/60B II Key Features:

  • Small and compact with powerful output, the illuminance level stands at 3,420lux/2,096lux@1m with light only
  • 60W rated power draw for both and variable CCT range of 2700K to 6500K for Forza 60B II
  • Two output modes for Forza 60B II, maximum output mode and constant output mode
  • Excellent colour rendition ratings with CRI and TLCI rated at 96 and 98 respectively
  • 11/12 built-in special effects with each parameter adjustable
  • Multiple control methods, including onboard, 2.4G, Bluetooth, DMX/RDM
  • Classic UI of OLED display and tuning knobs with a MODE button added
  • Outstanding fan control with noise level lowers to 20dbA even with the fan rotating
  • FM mount with Bowens mount compatibility added via an included adapter
  • Both AC and DC power solutions with a battery grip compatible with both 2 NPF and 1 V-mount battery
  • Firmware upgradeable via the USB-A port on the bottom of the lamp head
Nanlite APP
The Nanlite molbile app has been a hit with users and continues to offer convenient control in the new models.

Forza 300/300B II & 500/500B II Key Features:

  • Wide CCT range of 2700K-6500K covering both 300W and 500W power draw comes with glass protection for COB to eliminate external intrusion
  • Feature a built-in W[RG]/WW([RG] light mixing color calibration system with the ability to tune G/M±80
  • Excellent colour rendition with CRI/TLCI scores of 96/97 for Forza 300/500 II and CRI/TLCI scores of average 96/97 for Forza 300B/500B II
  • Compact design for control box with power adapter incorporated inside, reducing the overall control unit size of Forza 300/300B II by 37% and Forza 500/500B II by 16%
  • Form factor innovations, including V-mount battery plates on both sides, curved yoke with one-sided locking mechanism and integrated quick-release device
  • Comprehensive controlling methods, including onboard, 2.4G, DMX/RDM and NANLINK APP
  • 11 effects in Forza 300/500 II and 12 effects in Forza 300B/500B II respectively
  • with parameters for every single effect customizable
  • Both dual and single battery power solution enabling hot plugging as well as hot
  • swapping between AC/DC for Forza 300/300B II & 500/500B II
  • Integrate a new adjustable cooling system with 4 operation modes available: SMART, FULL SPEED, LOW SPEED and OFF
  • Standard Bowens mount with an extra umbrella mount included
  • Support firmware update by flash drive via built-in USB-A port

Pricing & Availability

Nanlite FORZA60II        SRP INC VAT  £290.00  – Available from 18 th  January 2023 
Nanlite FORZA60BII     SRP INC VAT  £326.00 – Available from 18 th  January 2023 
Nanlite FORZA300II      SRP INC VAT  £949.00 – Available from April 2023
Nanlite FORZA300BII   SRP INC VAT  £999.00 – Available from April 2023
Nanlite FORZA500II      Price & Availability TBC 
Nanlite FORZA500BII    Price & Availability TBC

See more at Nanlite’s native web pages!

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