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Manfrotto Announces New Lightweight Bumblebee Bag Range

- 7 years ago

Manfrotto has announced a brand new range of lightweight camera bags, the Pro Light Bumblebee camera bag family 

The new range comprises of two backpacks and two messenger-style bags that are billed as being perfect for both professional photographers and videographers who shoot outdoors and want a comfortable solution that can offer reliability in the harshest of conditions.

The new Pro Light Bumblebee 230

The 2 Backpacks:

1. The Bumblebee-230 PL backpack can protect a DSLR with a  grip and 70-200/2.8 lens attached, along with 10 extra lenses or an attached 400/2.8 with 5 extra lenses. In video format, it can protect a disassembled camcorder [like the Canon C100] with numerous lenses and accessories. It also takes a 17” laptop in its own secure, padded compartment.

2. The Bumblebee-130 PL backpack can pack a high-end Compact System Camera or a DSLR safe with a 70-200/2.8 lens attached [and 8 extra lenses], or an unattached 400/2.8 with 3 extra lenses. In video format, it can protect a disassembled modular camcorder [like a SONY FS-5]. Again, with space for a 15” laptop in its own padded compartment.

And the Pro Light Bumblebee 230 backpack

The 2 Messenger bags:

1. The Bumblebee M-30 PL Messenger bag will protect a DSLR with a 70-200mm/2.8 lens attached and up to 3 lenses, a handheld gimbal [e.g. DJI Osmo] and a 15” laptop in their own padded compartments, with all the necessary accessories.

2. The Bumblebee M-10 PL Messenger is better suited for a CSC/DSLR with a 24-70/4 attached and 2 lenses [including 70-200/2.8] and a handheld gimbal [again, such as a DJI Osmo] and a 13” laptop in their own padded compartments, with all the necessary accessories. It can also carry a full set DJI Mavic plus the Osmo gimbal camera.

The new Bumblebee Messenger 30 camera bag

And the new Bumblebee Messenger 10 camera bag

Inside, the bags contain the innovative design that you’d expect from a manufacturer such as Manfrotto, all put together to safeguard your precious equipment. Their renowned Camera Protection System dividers take extra care of camera bodies and lenses and are fully adjustable and built to distribute weight evenly to avoid tension to the body.

The AirSupport breathable harness and back panel, adjustable sternum support, shaped hip and waist support systems guarantee a comfortable carry, allowing users to cover more ground. A side handle helps you to put the pack on or take it off, while elastic side pockets keep water bottles outside the critical gear area.

All of the new bags in the Bumblebee collection come with a DuoFace sun/rain cover to protect from rain and reflect sunlight and to keep equipment cool and dry.

Prices for the Bumblebee bags start at £109.95 and will be available pre-order from the Manfrotto website. Team PhotoBite  have reviews of a couple of these new bags from Manfrotto booked in, so watch this space for our thoughts.

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