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Manfrotto Announce Two new Pro Light RedBee Backpacks

- 5 years ago

Manfrotto has announced updates to its Pro Light RedBee camera backpack rage with the new RedBee-310 and RedBee-110 models.

Coming in completely new [compact] sizes, the two new backpacks were formulated for a broad range of applications including pro-photographers, to content creators and videographers alike.

Manfrotto RedBee 110
The new Manfrotto RedBee 110 backpack

The Pro Light RedBee-310

Will stow a 400mm lens, still attached to a pro-level DSLR, along with another DSLR body and 2-3 additional lenses. It can also take a modular video camera along with multiple lenses. the new backpack offers safe rear access for camera kit, with flexible dividers and a zipped mesh system to separate camera gear from other items. These can include a 15” laptop or tablet. Comes complete with rain cover.

RRP £159.95.

The Pro Light RedBee-110

This new backpack from Manfrotto can carry 2 premium
Compact System Camera [CSC] bodies, along with a 70/200mm lens whilst still attached, along with additional lenses. Alternatively, the RedBee-110 can take a premium CSC, a drone along with a handheld camera gimbal.

Other [non-photo] items that can be stored include [up to] 13” laptop or tablet and comes complete with a rain cover.

RRP £139.95.

Both of the new backpacks include new features, including a new front pocket, a zip-locker and a side tripod connection.

There is also a side access point, for those who want to seize their camera and shoot on the go, along with easy access to the top of the bag.

Pricing and availability

The Manfrotto Pro Light RedBee-310 and RedBee-110 are available now and will cost you £159.95 and £139.95 RRP [respectively].
For more information Head to Manfrotto’s website

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