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MAGIX Launches its 1st Virtual Reality Software: Photostory Premium VR

- 6 years ago

MAGIX Software has announced their first virtual reality software – Photostory Premium VR, offering the ability to create virtual worlds in just a few steps using conventional photographs and video footage with no additional hardware required

The launch of Photostory Premium VR joins MAGIX’s Photostory product family offering a new, innovative way to edit photos and videos. The program includes a broad range of virtual reality tools, with the full functionality of the company’s Photostory Deluxe program, with numerous additional effects.

Photostory Premium VR gives users several options to create interactive VR offerings. 360° photos and videos can be grouped to form expert virtual tours, with additional content such as ‘standard’ photographs and videos [or text] can be added and edited with just a handful of steps.

Users who don’t have large collections of 360° or 3D content can also display their conventional photos and videos in one of the 3D ‘worlds’ that can be found as standard within the program.

Virtual reality is currently one of the most exciting technological developments of our age. We have over 20 years of experience in developing photo and video editing software and are using this knowledge to help shape VR innovation. We truly believe that Photostory Premium VR will greatly expand the circle of users who can take part in this exciting new technology.

No additional hardware

Any ordinary PC or laptop can achieve the full potential of the new VR software from MAGIX. It brings a technology to a new audience of every-day users. Photostory Premium VR also supports advanced VR hardware and fully-featured VR content that can be edited extensively.


To share and play completed VR experiences MAGIX has developed and offers the free app MAGIX VR-X Player,  allowing for viewing on a PC or laptop, with VR glasses or with a VR headset for smartphones.

Subscription option

MAGIX has also announced a subscription service which allows users to utilise all of the pro features of Photostory Premium VR for a reasonable monthly fee; Photostory Premium VR 365.

MAGIX has already been working on VR projects with Intel [Alloy] and Microsoft [HoloLens]. In 2017 the company acquired Dresden software firm, simplitec GmbH in order to tap into the virtual reality market. The simplitec team is now fully focused on VR development under the MAGIX management.

Depending on their requirements VR newcomers and professional producers of VR content can choose between different versions of Photostory Premium VR:

Photostory Premium VR  129.99 [USD]

Photostory Premium VR 365  from 9.99 per month [USD]

VR-X Player  – Free of charge

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Read MAGIX Launches its 1st Virtual Reality Software: Photostory Premium VR

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