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Leica Announces new Flash and Remote Devices

- 6 years ago

Leica has unveiled a new compact SF 60 flash unit and Leica SF C1 remote control unit for on- and off-camera flash photography

The new SF 60 flash unit and the SF C1 remote control unit have been unveiled as perfect additions to the Leica S, SL and M systems. The two units can also be used in combination with the Leica Q and the Leica CL cameras. While the flash unit provides an extensive range of options for flash-photography in a compact form, the remote control unit enables off-camera flash with the SF 60 and provides additional creative opportunities.

Leica Announces new Flash and Remote Devices

Despite its light weight [of just 300g] and a height [just 98mm], the Leica SF 60 offers a number of pro functions. In addition to features such as TTL-flash, HSS to 1/8000s, a flash head with tilt and swivel function, a zoom reflector, an integrated diffuser and a reflector card, and master/slave capability, it also offers a guide number of 60 [at ISO 100].

The SF 60 also offers constant LED light output adjustable in nine steps as a source of light for spontaneous video recording of subjects in low light.

All settings can be conveniently made with the two dials and the colour LCD panel of the flash unit. The Leica SF 60 is powered by four AA batteries. For longer shooting sessions the unit can also be connected to a Power Pack as an external power supply, which, in addition to higher capacity, also enables even faster flash recycle times and simultaneous power supply of up to two SF 60 flash units.

Leica Announces new Flash and Remote Devices

If required, other devices with USB charging ports, e.g. smartphones or tablets, can also be recharged from the Power Pack.

The Leica SF C1 remote control unit adds a number of creative options. It is mounted on the hot shoe of the camera and enables wireless remote control of SF 60 flash units in the 2.4-GHz frequency band. The flash units can be organised in up to seven channels, each with three groups, and controlled either together or separately with the same or different settings. You can use all functions of all the flash units, just as if they were mounted on the camera. This opens up countless options for professional light set-ups with system flash units. As is the case with the Leica SF 60 flash unit, all settings can be read off and easily changed on the clearly laid-out

Leica Announces new Flash and Remote Devices

colour LCD panel of the Leica SF C1 remote control unit. Alongside reserves sufficient for around 3,000 exposures from its two AAA cells, the future-proof SF C1 remote control unit up to date.

Pricing and availability

Leica SF 60 flash unit – £450

Leica SF C1 remote control unit – £250

Available now from authorised Leica UK stores and dealers and online at

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