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Introducing New Portable Power Solutions: DJI Power 1000 & Power 500

- 3 months ago

DJI, the renowned global drone and camera tech brand, has revealed its latest innovation for content creators and adventurers alike. The DJI Power 1000 and Power 500 portable power stations. Designed to meet the needs of travellers and image-making enthusiasts, these new devices promise fast charging, worry-free power, and sustainability, ensuring creative endeavours are never hindered by power shortages.

DJI Power 1000 & 500 Outdoors

The DJI Power series comes in two sizes to suit different needs. The Power 1000 boasts a capacity of 1024 Wh, weighing 13kg, while the more compact Power 500 offers 512 Wh, weighing 7.3kg. Both models provide ample power outputs, with the Power 1000 delivering up to 2200W and the Power 500 offering 1000W.

Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip, capturing content in remote locations, or preparing for power outages at home, the DJI Power stations have you covered. From charging your mobile phone and digital camera to powering Wi-Fi routers and even microwave ovens, these devices offer versatile solutions for various scenarios.

Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI, said: “Over the past several years we’ve seen travelers and content creators around the world increasingly turn to DJI drones and handheld cameras, to capture and share their experiences. These users have a demand for fast charging, worry-free, sustainable power consumption and today we’re glad we can address this with the new DJI portable power stations. Whether consumer, professional, enterprise or agricultural, DJI has a long history in battery research and development. Batteries are paramount to the user experience with battery life and charging efficiency, central to user needs. We hope that the DJI Power series can further improve the outdoor experience by eliminating power consumption anxiety and, in the home, by being on hand as a home backup to tackle power outage issues.”

Fast Charging for Continuous Creativity

With separately-sold charging cables, DJI drone users can quickly recharge selected DJI drone batteries using the DJI Power SDC super-fast charge function. In just around 30 minutes, users can be back in the air, ready to capture footage without interruptions.

Flexible Recharging Options

Users can choose from multiple recharging methods based on their preferences and circumstances. Whether it’s via a power socket, solar panels, or a car outlet, the DJI Power stations ensure you stay connected wherever you go.

DJI Power 1000 & 500 Outdoors

Safety and Reliability

Safety is paramount with the DJI Power 1000/500, which has undergone rigorous testing and certifications to ensure peace of mind for users. With features like the Intelligent Battery Management System and UPS mode, these devices prioritize safety and reliability in any situation.

Quiet and Efficient

During recharging, the Power 1000 operates quietly, minimising noise disturbance in any environment. Both models support fast charge protocols, ensuring efficient power output for your devices.

3 pieces of 120w solar panels
The Zignes 120W Solar Panel is also available.

Extensive Accessories for Enhanced Functionality

With a range of accessories available, including solar panels, charging cables, and protective cases, the DJI Power 1000/500 offers enhanced functionality and convenience for users.

The DJI Power 1000 and Power 500 are now available through and authorised dealers. The Power 1000 is priced at £879/€999, while the Power 500 retails for £459/€529. Additionally, the Zignes 120W Solar Panel is available for £259/€299.

For more information and to order your DJI Power station, visit DJI’s official website and Power 500 page.

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Read Introducing New Portable Power Solutions: DJI Power 1000 & Power 500

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