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Huawei & Dazed’s Reveal the Real You Photography Initiative Shortlist Announced

- 6 years ago

The shortlist for Dazed & Huawei’s ‘Reveal the Real You’ photo initiative has been revealed. The community-led project will see people from across the United Kingdom win 1 of 3 £10K bursaries to donate to a cause of their choice

The initiative, which forms part of Huawei’s Project Possible campaign, was set up to champion stories of the people who have been driven to achieve and do more. In the past month, twenty talented young people from around the UK have been armed with Huawei P10 smartphones, which come loaded with Leica dual-lens cameras, to document communities and causes that they feel passionately about, cobvering issues such as gender equality, environmental issues, sexuality, and the impact of funding cuts in the arts.

Copyright Shingi Rice

With smartphones being the ultimate democratizer, Huawei’s cutting-edge technology combined with Leica’s expertise and legacy in reportage photography makes the Huawei P10 a great choice of device for documentary photography in the digital age.

Copyright Shingi Rice

Andrew Garrihy, CMO for Huawei Europe, told PhotoBite: “At Huawei we believe in empowering people to use technology to unlock their potential. Technology is the great democratizer of our time and the huge range of themes depicted by our shortlisted candidates demonstrates just how powerful technology is in enabling people to express themselves. The P10 has been co-engineered with Leica technology, boasting a dual-lens camera with cutting-edge features such as precise 3D facial detection, allowing users to capture the moments that matter to them in extraordinary detail. We are delighted our device has helped give these talented young people the chance to shine a light on the issues they care about.”

From Huddersfield to Hackney and beyond, the shortlist includes Sophie Mayanne who documented images of men and women with scars, giving them a platform to tell their stories, to Flora Maclean who shot a collection of images around Romance FC, a collective of non-binary people which encourages positive change through football.

Copyright Elizabeth Presland

Copyright Heather Glazzard

The initiative will culminate in a panel of expert independent judges awarding three winners £10,000 each to donate to their chosen cause, helping them to make a difference in their local communities. As well as the £10,000 prize, one overall winner will also get the chance to have their work exhibited in an outdoor living gallery. Imagery from the shortlisted candidates’ will be showcased on Huawei’s Instagram channel over the coming weeks.

Copyright Heather Glazzard

Copyright Elizabeth Presland

Shortlisted candidates in full:

  1. Elizabeth Presland | Environmental

Cause: May Project Gardens, a permaculture charity which addresses poverty, disempowerment and access to resources and influence.

       2. Sahvannah Amaka | Music

Cause: Camberwell’s After School Project which provides childcare for lone, single, studying and working parents in Southwark from 2 to 11 years.

        3. Flora Maclean | Sport

Cause: Capturing Romance FC, Flora’s football team of 30+ people which includes a collective of women and non-binary people that encourage positive change through football.

        4. Shingi Rice | Social Change

Cause: To shine a light on invisible disabilities through photography, after having open heart surgery and suffering from anxiety and depression.

        5. Megan Giblin

Cause: St Helens Mind, a charity that aims to promote and preserve good mental health and to assist those experiencing mental distress to regain their full potential.

        7. Louis Tuakli-Mason  | Art

Cause: Highlighting the arts community in Huddersfield and unveiling the creativity and individuality that exists in the area that is not often portrayed in the media.

        8. Jessica Madavo | Social Change, Race

Cause: Supporting the National Black Women’s network by photographing black women proudly wearing their natural afro hair, opposing the South African scandal in which a young girl was told to straighten her hair.

        9. Heather Glazzard | Social Change, Gender

Cause: Backing the Islington Mill by documenting the queer female artist community in Manchester and their passion to create.

        10. Duane Nasis | Dance

Cause: Supporting Stonewall Housing by capturing his dance peers from Comme des Garcons, London Chapters of the Houses of Revlon, Khan & Yamamoto.

        11. Anthony Shintai Amao | Dance

Cause: Backing Break Mission, a community hip-hop events education initiative that brings people together to experience a cultural understanding of what the hip-hop community is about and raises awareness of homelessness in the local area.

        12. Pedro Mantua | Sport

Cause: Documenting and supporting The Castle Climbing centre which plays a great environmental and social contribution in North London by providing a space for environmental activities.

        13. Laurelle Kamara | Art

Cause: Supporting the Newcastle Arts Centre by raising the profile of young North East artists that have been affected by cuts to art funding the in area by £13 million since 2010.

         14. Isabella Reid | Social Change

Cause: Supporting Basset Law Mind by documenting the effects of traditional gender stereotypes on young men and how mental health is discussed by them.

         15. Kat Collings | Dance

Cause: Shoreditch Youth Dance, capturing the unexpected that can be found in the familiar via members of the community.

         16. Liam Farquhar | Social Change

Cause: Backing the Southwark group of tenants by capturing the effects of gentrification on Peckham and the surrounding area.

         17. Sophie Mayanne | Social Change

Cause: Supporting Changing Faces by documenting images of men and women with scars giving them a platform to talk about their story.

         18. Joseph Sansom | Social Change

Cause: Backing charity Aware NI by capturing a series of images that show the homegrown arts and music talent in Belfast.

         19. Marcin T | Social Change

Cause: Supporting polish charity Polsk by shooting imagery of Poland’s creative community in the UK and their individual journeys to get there.

For more information on the Reveal the Real You initiative, visit This link.

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