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Gitzo Announces New Century Camera Straps

- 6 years ago

Following on from the recent bag launches from premium photo brand, Gitzo has announced the Gitzo Century Camera Strap collection; a modular collection that’s been designed for photographers shooting with high-end compact system cameras and mirrorless cameras.

Constructed from selected Italian leather and designed to look a bit like Gitzo’s carbon-fibre Gitzo tripod legs, the new Century camera strap system is made up from compatible straps that offer a precise fit and a high level of comfort. Every part can be combined with the rest of the collection, which is made possible due to the system’s unique G-lock safety buckles.

Read on for an overview of the four straps making up the new collection

The Century Wrist Strap

This new wrist strap has been designed for carrying mirrorless cameras, with an option to select either an anti-scratch ring-style camera attachment or a universal 10mm wide band-attachment. The aforementioned G-Lock buckle gives it a harmonious fit with every other Gitzo strap out there.

Gitzo Century Camera Strap
The new Century Wrist Strap from Gitzo.

The Century Wrist Strap will cost you £44.95 [RRP].

The Gitzo Century Hand Strap

This new strap from the collection allows photographers to hold their camera firmly and comfortably and is compatible with all DSLR and mirrorless cameras that have a standard 1/4″-20 mount screw.

Gitzo Century Camera Strap
Gitzo’s new Hand Strap (alternative shot).

The new Century Hand Strap comes in at £59.95 [RRP].

The Gitzo Century Neck Strap

Being as this is a premium brand, Gitzo’s new Century Neck Strap features a sumptuously soft, suede-like feel that promises to keeps necks comfortable. Outfitted with both a ring-type camera attachment system and universal 10mm wide band attachment for standard camera loops. It will comfortably take most full-frame cameras, rangefinders, as well as premium compact system cameras with two G-lock buckles.

Gitzo Century Camera Strap
The new Century Neck Strap from Gitzo.

Gitzo’s Century Neck Strap will cost you £99.95 [RRP].

The new Gitzo Century Sling Strap

This new sling strap from Gitzo promises an unmatched blend of security, ease of access to the user’s camera, along with general comfort. It boasts a cross-body design, which carries the camera snugly to one side of the user’s body, leaving photographers free to move easily. Compatible with all DSLR’s and mirrorless camera systems that have a standard 1/4″-20 tripod mount screw, it also promises to be pretty simple to install due to the Gitzo GS5370SDR quick release plate. 

Gitzo Century Camera Strap
Gitzo’s new sling strap.

 The new Gitzo Century Sling Strap comes in at £79.95 [RRP].

For further info head to the GITZO website

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