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Filmsticks Reveals New Accessory Range For Filmmakers & Photographers

- 3 years ago

Ever since the British filmmaking manufacturer, Filmsticks, redefined the iconic clapper stick in 2019, the products have quickly grown to become the standard in clapper board design. Subsequently, loyal customer feedback has driven the development of this brand new accessories range that has been designed and film industry professionals in mind. This means they’ll also be great for photographers who are looking for solid, reliable accessories for their kit bags.

Filmsticks’ all-weather clapper sticks and acrylic slates come in various sizes, from the full-sized monsters that you’ll recognise from many a film set, right down to the nano-sticks that are perfect for bloggers and smartphone filmmakers. They’ve been adopted by the global film community as the new industry standard and with the launch of the brand’s first accessories, we can see a growing pipeline of high-quality products that represent the rapidly expanding Filmsticks ecosystem.

Filmsticks clapperboard
Filmsticks all-weather clapperboards have been quickly adopted as the new standard in clapperboard design for the film industry.

These new accessories from the film heavyweights come in the form of Transparent Cases, Refillable non-permanent Marker Pens, Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloths, Heavy-Duty Cable Straps, Colour-Coded Hex Keys and Hook & Loop Cable Ties.

Filmsticks Trio of Transparent Cases

This brand new set of three Filmsticks Transparent Cases have been meticulously designed to offer the ultimate in quality, durability and practicality. Ideal for a broad range of applications, (stowing cables, tools, make-up supplies, filters, etc), they are available in three convenient sizes: large, medium and small. 

The outer casing is uniquely transparent and manufactured in high-quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), which gives enhanced elasticity and greater resistance to oil and grease while providing greater durability to scuffs.  

Filmsticks’ new cases can be used for a variety of applications. Cables, mics,

The transparent top and bottom panel design of the cases allows users to locate items quickly, without the need to open the case, saving precious and potentially frustrating time when on a critical shoot. Accessing equipment is extremely simple with the case opening, and staying open, to a complete 180-degrees, allowing for easy access and organisation of contents.

The tough main body panels are produced of flexible EVA [Ethylene Vinyl Acetate] with coloured nylon mesh and matching zippers. With five different colours available in each size, users can easily identify types of equipment by colour coding and simple labelling on the outside of each case.

Available as a set of three in Black, Blue and Red, with Yellow and Green completing the range shortly after launch for personalisation for your own workflow.

  • Small Case 170 x 50 x 135mm 
  • Medium Case 210 x 50 x 145mm
  • Large Case 250 x 50 x 160mm

Filmsticks Refillable, Reusable Non-Permanent Marker Pen

The new Filmsticks Refillable and Reusable Multi-Purpose Non-Permanent Marker Pen is the logical addition to the Filmsticks range. Perfect for use on Filmsticks clapper boards, whiteboards, or even in the classroom.

Filmsticks Marker Pen
Filmsticks Marker Pens are both eco-friendly and super versatile.

The Filmsticks ‘pen for life’ comes complete with its own high-capacity Refillable Valve System. This allows quick and easy replacements using Filmsticks’ ink cartridges and the new, environmentally-friendly marker pens push their eco-credentials and longevity even further with the ability to switch between chisel and round nibs. This gives an unusual level of versatility with the ability to completely replace worn nibs – removing unnecessary waste.

Filmsticks Multi-Purpose Cloth

When is a cloth not a cloth? When it’s a Filmsticks multi-purpose cleaning cloth, of course!

This new accessory from Filmsticks comes in two handy variations. The large 25cm x 25cm, [9.8in. x 9.8in.] flat cloth can be used for slate cleaning, whiteboards and any other situations where our non-permanent ink has been applied. 

It is, however, perfectly safe and soft and can also be used to clean lenses, glasses, screens and any other precious glass items.

Filmsticks Cloth

The ‘Strip’ version of the Filmsticks cloth comes in packs of five and has been specifically designed to wrap around the end of the Filmsticks Refillable and Reusable Multi-Purpose Non-Permanent Marker Pen. Its 10cm x 10cm, [3.9in. x 3.9in.] size is perfectly measured to fit and has a strong adhesive strip to allow for simple application.

Filmsticks Pen Cloth

Heavy-Duty Cable Straps

Filmsticks’ Heavy-Duty Cable Straps are the perfect partner for a broad range of applications including cable storage, securing power banks and other tools on set, whilst bringing a heavy-duty reliable, reusable solution to utilise space more efficiently.

Filmsticks Heavy-Duty Cable Straps
Filmsticks Heavy-Duty Cable Straps offer weight-bearing capacities ranging from 50-80lbs, (22-36kg).

The quick-release straps are manufactured using durable polypropylene webbing, tough nylon hook & loop fasteners and rustproof stainless-steel grommets, giving peace of mind with weight-bearing capacities ranging from 50-80lbs, [22-36kg].

Currently available in 6 sizes, the new Filmsticks Heavy-Duty Cable Straps are packed in groups of 4 or 5. See the table below for full dimensions and specifications.

  • 5S: 25mm x 184mm x 8mm x 5 pcs
  • 5M: 30mm x 260mm x 8mm 5 pcs
  • 5L: 50mm x 330mm x 8mm 5 pcs
  • 5XL: 50mm x 435mm x 8mm x 5 pcs
  • 4XXL: 50mm x 508mm x 8mm x 4 pcs
  • 4XXXL: 50mm x 660mm x 8mm x 4 pcs

Hex Allen Key Wrench Set

The multi-wrench set you can’t live without! The new Filmsticks Hex Allen Key Wrench Set is made of tough CRV Chrome Vanadium Steel and comes complete with nine different sizes in a convenient custom-made adjustable holster.

Filmsticks Hex Key set
Filmsticks’ Hex Allen Key Wrench Sets boast keys ranging from 65mm – 178mm.

Each hex key has a convenient ball-end design, giving additional versatility, [especially in tight spaces] and the set’s convenient rainbow colour-coating allows users to quickly and easily identify required sizes, whilst offering greater protection against wear and potential rust.

Filmsticks’ Hex Allen Key Wrench Sets boast keys ranging from 65mm – 178mm. See below for full dimensions.

  • 1.5mm: 65mmx17mm
  • 2mm: 76mmx18mm
  • 2.5mm: 84mmx20mm
  • 3mm: 94mmx23mm
  • 4mm: 108mmx25mm
  • 5mm: 120mmx31mm
  • 6mm: 139mmx33mm
  • 8mm: 162mmx42mm
  • 10mm: 178mmx50mm

Hook & Loop Cable Ties

Filmsticks Hook and Loop Ties are manufactured from a tough nylon and polyester mix and are initially available in 15cm, and 20cm lengths with a 25mm version to follow soon. 

These easy-to-use, high-quality, reusable fixing ties are extremely versatile and will serve a wide range of user needs thanks to their durable materials. Whether you’re tying wires neatly and safely out of the way, holding curtains or props in place or keeping loose parts together, these ties make any job easier.

Filmsticks Hook & Loop Ties
Filmsticks Hook & Loop Ties
Each pack includes 7 different coloured ties with 15 ties in each colour, [105 in total]. This colour-coding will help users to easily recognise items without markings and to identify cable types, lengths.

Head to the Filmsticks website to order your film industry-standard accessories today!

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