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Did Someone Say Summertime? Aquatech Products Now Available from Manfrotto

- 4 weeks ago

Videndum Media Solutions has unveiled an exclusive distribution partnership with AQUATECH across the EMEA region. Ocean and underwater photographers and filmmakers will gain direct access to AQUATECH solutions via a newly revamped section on the website, as well as through Videndum Media Solutions’ established distribution network in key European countries.

Joby Seapal

With a track record spanning over two decades, AQUATECH has been a frontrunner in designing high-quality, waterproof housings and professional photographic accessories engineered to withstand challenging underwater conditions, safeguarding valuable camera equipment. Pioneering in underwater photography, AQUATECH has empowered photographers and filmmakers to capture mesmerising moments both above and below the water’s surface.

This recent announcement builds upon the collaborative efforts of 2023, which saw the introduction of JOBY SeaPal – a premium, waterproof smartphone case compatible with Samsung Galaxy S24-S22 and iPhone 15-12. This product, co-designed and engineered with the AQUATECH team, facilitates the capture of stunning ocean footage and awe-inspiring wave-riding shots.

The partnership between Videndum Media Solutions and AQUATECH underscores a shared commitment to unmatched quality, innovation, and global reach. Chris Carr, CMO and EVP of Sales at Videndum Media Solutions expressed excitement about welcoming AQUATECH into their partner brand portfolio, highlighting the complementarity of AQUATECH’s underwater imaging technology with their media supports and accessories, enriching the content creation landscape.

JOBY SeaPal in water

Alan Love, Founder and CEO of AQUATECH, echoed similar sentiments, viewing the partnership with Videndum Media Solutions as a significant milestone in their expansion across the EMEA region. Leveraging Videndum Media Solutions’ robust distribution network provides a strategic avenue for growth, enabling AQUATECH to bolster its presence alongside industry leaders.

Professionals and enthusiasts engaged in photography, cinematography, and visual arts such as surfing, sailing, documentary filmmaking, oceanic landscape art, fashion, Olympic water sports, wildlife photography, and outdoor sports now have access to the full range of AQUATECH camera housings, lens ports, and accessories. To learn more, individuals can explore the dedicated AQUATECH section on or visit authorised VMS distributors and partners throughout the EMEA region.

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Read Did Someone Say Summertime? Aquatech Products Now Available from Manfrotto

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